Tuesday, 22 February 2011

To Tan or Not To Tan

To Tan or Not to Tan

It’s your wedding day, one of the biggest days of your life. tan You want to look your best! You’ve spent hundreds of pounds on a dress, you’ve spent money on your face and your hair. You may have bought some lovely new sparkly jewellery. You have put a lot of effort into your appearance, but what about the colour of your skin?

If you’re lucky enough not to worry about a tan, can I say how jealous us pasty girls are! I accepted a long time ago that I will be pale, I will remain pale and never tan no matter how much I try. All my makeup is geared towards my pale complexion: foundation pale enough not to make me look orange, pink blusher, soft coloured lipstick and lip gloss.

But now with recent developments in the tanning world, a tan is an option! I haven’t tried sun beds, it’s not just the health reasons but I don’t tan through sun exposure so that would be a waste of money. But now there’s spray tanning, having a nice healthy glow is an option.

But here’s why I’m hesitating. Firstly, my makeup is pale. The trial at the makeup artist lady will be pale. If I get a spray tan, won’t that mess up all my makeup? I’m sure she’s talented and experienced enough to deal with that slight skin tone change but what if my makeup looks silly?

Secondly, I buy my wedding dress based on how I look now, what if the dress looks silly when I have tan?

Thirdly, I’ve never had a tan. I just don’t tan, I could sit outside all day in the sun in the middle of summer (wearing lotion because I want to avoid wrinkles and skin cancer) and I still wouldn’t tan. I used to be called the Milky Bar Kid when I was at school. What if I don’t like how I look with a tan?

More importantly, fourthly, h2b met me when I was pale, he proposed to me while I’m pale, he loves me as a pale pasty woman, what if he doesn’t like the tan! I’m walking down the aisle in my mismatched makeup and silly looking dress with a tan and he won’t like it! fake-tan-3 (1)

Maybe I’m over reacting a little bit. In Bride Wars when  Anne Hathaway (who is almost as pale as me) has her fake tan sabotaged, she was normal colour by the time her wedding came around thanks to lots of showers and lemon juice. So, even if it does go wrong or I don’t like it, there options available to me.

But would h2b like me with a bit of a healthy glow? Would it be an idea to have a tan before we go on honeymoon? I do want to look nice in the pictures. Which way to go?

If you have spray tan regularly or have something to say about this post, please leave a comment because in this instance I need your advice!

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  1. Hey Fran,
    Liking the blog, obviously not read all posts, but this one was interesting! I think tanning is an individual's choice, me personally I would have a tan - because I can. However, I don't think being pale is a bad thing, I think you should embrace what you have AND if you're not sure you can always sample a tan before your wedding - you have got a year! I've never had a spray tan, but I have had a st tropez tan - which might be more to your liking, it's inexpensive and gives a really natural glow and the colour won't rub off on your dress - so no worries of mucky marks over that shiny white bridal gown of yours.Hope this is of some use to you, Nikki x