Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Photography is a topic close to my heart. I love taking photos, I always have ever since I was a little girl. My friends can barely meet up with me without a flash going off in their faces. And it's one of the few things I have in common with my fiancé! We both love taking photos but he's the only one with the fancy DSLR camera. (I'm saving up for mine but this pesky wedding got in the way! lol) 

We are amateur photographers and as such have a keen eye as to what counts as good photography, and what counts as fairly average photography. Not that we're experts, just very fussy! 

Because of our hobby, it was very difficult to find a photographer we liked. We looked at the photographers our venue recommended and well, they didn't inspire us. They were good but I do think your photographer should be able to take better photos than you can. We amateur photographed my best friend's wedding and some of our photos turned out absolutely amazing and I'm personally really pleased with them. 

That is why we chose Clive Blair to be our photographer. His photos are breath taking, taken from interesting angles, utilising mirrors and wonderful moments. When we were looking through his sample albums, it was like looking at what our wedding could be like.

When I was showing my mother the prospective photographers, she complained about every single photographer. She said that he'd cut off the bride's head, or he'd got the photo at the wrong angle, taking photos of the back of someone's head. Whinge, whinge, whinge... Until she saw Clive's photos. Mum was very quiet, just soaking in how amazing his photos were. I just can't praise him or recommend him enough. And he is a nice guy too! 

After your wedding, when you've spent all that time planning, spent all that money on dresses and venues and invites and favours and flowers and so many things, the photos are what you have left, as well as a wonderful marriage. They are a lasting memento of your wonderful wedding day. I think the photos for your wedding are worth spending a chunk of your budget on. 

As for talking to your photographer, here are some tips and questions to ask:

  • Websites!
    Before meeting up with your photographer, have a look at his website. This will give you some idea of his better photos and will give you some ideas for questions to ask him/her/them.
  • Can we see a sample album?
    It sounds simple but this will give you the best idea of what your photos are going to be like. Look at the composition of the photos, are they want you want you photos to look like? Could you take photos like that? Do they give you a feel of what your wedding could be like?
  • Will you be our photographer?
    If you're going through one of the bigger photography companies, this might be a pertinent question. The person you're taking to may be booked on that date, make sure you're getting the photographer you want.
  • Do you work on your own or are you a team?
    Team photographers are the best, in my opinion. One will follow you in the morning, beautifying yourself for your big moment, while the other follows your fiancé and his nervous preparations. I'd love to catch a glimpse of my fiancé looking a bit worried. I know he'd have a good sense of humour about it! But I also think, that if a single photographer produces such amazing photos then it's important to choose him or her.
  • How long will it be before we see our wedding photos?
    Some photographers have a 2 week turn around, others spend more time and the photos arrive later. One of my friends received their wedding photos 9 months after their wedding, that's a bit extreme I think. It depends on your album but expect a reasonable turn around.
  • What would you do if it rains?
    Or if it snows, which it has done recently? Or if the groom breaks a leg? Or if aliens abduct the best man? A good photographer will know what to do in all these occasions because he'll be experienced and have contingency plans.
  • Do you do an engagement shoot?
    An engagement shoot gives you the chance to not only have some lovely pictures of you and your fiancé, but also it gives you the opportunity to learn your best angle, to relax in front of the camera so that when it's your Big Day you will be able to take the best photographs you can. 
I think you should really go with your gut on this one. You will know what you think are the best photos, you will know how much of your budget you will want to dedicate to photos. 

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  1. We got out photos back last week, they look awesome, can't overstate how important it is to get the right photographer. And the right wife