Sunday, 6 February 2011

Confetti the Shop

Much has been in the news about shops going bust since we entered the recession. One of those shops was Confetti, a wedding supplier. I think they are fab and I was really disappointed when their shop closed down in Birmingham. Now that I have some wedding savings saved up, I was going to spend a lot of it on favours at Confetti. I was delighted when I found the website was still going. 
Hobby Craft

You can order online!

I was looking for wedding favours. I'd been to Hobby Craft, willing to make the favours myself. There's some beautiful ideas from Hobby Craft but not everyone has the time to sit and make wedding favours for 100 guests!

I was on the Confetti website, looking at comparing prices, and I found the favour boxes I wanted in the colours I wanted them for half their regular price! Confetti often do sales or discounts so it's worth keeping your eyes open for a good bargain. I ordered the boxes right there on the spot. I wanted to do a mix of boxes and bags, so that not everyone gets the same wedding favour. I bought the bags from Hobby Craft but I bought the boxes from Confetti. When they arrived, they were absolutely fantastic! 
The favours for my wedding.

The boxes I ordered were already assembled with the ribbons on them and they cost less than it would have to buy the boxes unassembled and the ribbon separately. Like I say, they were reduced so I got quite a bargain! 

One of the features I like on the Confetti website is that you can search by colour scheme. My colour is lilac, as you can see from the ribbons on the boxes I ordered and I was able to look up other items that were along the same colours. 

If you're into photography as much as I am, Confetti has a good deal on disposable cameras for the tables. (Actually, the way I'm going for my wedding, I'm thinking of putting so many things on the tables there won't be any room for the food!) Often disposable cameras don't turn up a lot of good photos, but for me I wouldn't want to miss out on a spontaneous photo that really captures the mood of the day.

I also like the idea of bubbles on the tables. Not sure how many adults are into bubbles, but if you have a few children at your wedding they will be entertained by a bottle of bubbles. I was at a christening recently and the children were all captivated by bubbles. it's a fantastic way to keep kids entertained during a long day. 

A increasingly popular trend in recent weddings are tea lights on the tables. When the lights go down, while the venue are preparing the evening tables, the little candles are lit and set a really wonderful atmosphere for the evening. I've included a photo from my best friend's wedding that my fiancĂ© took to demonstrate how effective tea lights can be. 
My best friend's wedding

I'm also including a link to Confetti's special offers. I found the boxes I'm using just by chance in the special offers section of the website so I think it's worth a look to see if something you really want for your wedding is available there. 

I'm not on commission for Confetti, but I see a good idea and I think that, bride to bride, we could really benefit from using a service that provides so much at a reasonable price. Weddings cost so much, if you can get a bargain anywhere I think it's best to pass on those tips. 

If you have any money saving tips, please leave a comment and I will blog about it.


  1. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for writing this post. We are very much still in business and are better than ever! Happy to hear you found our site useful and such good value.

  2. I think it's really important for real brides to write what they really think. It helps out other brides.

    I loved going to the Birmingham store and I was really sad when it closed down. I'm constantly on the confetti website!

    It's really humbling and a strange feeling to think the people you recommend actually read the simple words I write!