Monday, 21 February 2011

Your H2B vs. Your Big Day

Keeping Your H2B Involved
…but Still Having Your Big Daywedding-planner-planning-wedding-trp1

Most women have been dreaming about their wedding days for years. The last thing you want is h2b coming along and messing it all up. You’ve dreamed about your colours, your bridesmaid dresses, your dress, the venue and the evening party. H2b may have his own ideas and you may or may not want to hear them.

Sometimes h2b has some good ideas.

It is difficult to maintain a balance between involving your h2b and having what you want for your wedding. You may also have parents, siblings and friends who have their own ideas about your wedding.

My top tip to involve your h2b in planning the wedding it to sit down and carve up the jobs. You may be super woman, but no one can plan a wedding by herself and splitting the tasks with your h2b will not only take the stress off you a little but will also set up a partnership that you can take forward into your married life.

Compile a list of wedding jobs. You may feel a little uneasy releasing some of the tasks for your wedding but this is the man you want to marry, he’s going to know how to do things right. If possible, ask h2b to take over the jobs that are stressing you out the most, that way you can concentrate on the fun elements of your wedding.

The logistics of our wedding was stressing me out. How to transport 100 guests from the church to the reception venue across the West Midlands, most of them never having been to the UK yet, never mind the West Midlands! Mum says guests know that they need to arrange their own transport when they attend a wedding but with so many guests taking the time to travel across the world to attend our wedding, we want to provide transport for at least some of the journey. This stressed me out, so I passed the job to h2b.

I love my engagement ring. H2b did a fantastic job choosing my engagement ring all by himself. He chose the diamond, then chose the band. It’s exactly what I wanted. He must know what he’s doing so I asked him to organise the wedding rings. I explained the kind of wedding ring I’d like and found some pictures of it on the internet.

H2b is having an input in the suits for the men. Initially, I wanted dark grey Prince Edward suits, then it changed to charcoal and now they’re black tails! All because h2b had an input, and he’s completely right! I am glad I listened to him and the changes are brilliant.

I also wanted to go back to tradition. Traditionally, it was h2b’s family who planned and paid for the honeymoon so I thought we should continue that through to the modern day and ask h2b to plan our honeymoon. It may be romantic for couples to plan their honeymoon together, or maybe you’re a bit worried h2b will plan a lad’s holiday. Either way, giving the honeymoon responsibility wholly to your h2b might not be your idea of fun. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the surprise. don't tellI’m sure over the next 14 months h2b will discuss ideas about the honeymoon with me but the main part will be a surprise! Very exciting!

If you see my free download page, there’s a document available to download which includes a To Do List. You could split up the list and tackle the planning and organising the wedding as a team!

Of course, you could apply to Don’t Tell the Bride and let him organise the entire thing! 

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