Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cake Pops

Cake Pops! Open-mouthed smile

I have never heard of cake pops before but they look fantastic!

cake pops

The best place to look at cake pops is BakerElla. She’s an amazing baker with a whole blog section on cake pops. She really is the expert, but I’m just going to have a brief look at wedding cake pops.

Benefits of Cake Pops

The main benefit of cake pops is cutting costs. Cake pops will obviously cost less than cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake.

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For weight conscious guests, this small amount of cake will allow guests to have cake without feeling like they’re eating too much.

cake pop2

You won’t have lots of cake left over at the end. I don’t know about other brides, but I am trying to lose weight a bit to look fabulous in my wedding dress. The last thing you want once you are married is to put all the weight back on eating all your wedding cake.


They are a stylish alternative. I’ve not been to a wedding where they’ve had cake pops but I imagine the colour scheme would be even more prevalent through cake pops! Some even have quite intricate designs.


Cake pops can be displayed in a variety of stunning displays, even as this one to appear like a wedding cake.

Who Are Cake Pops For?

Cake pops may look out of place at a very formal wedding, however they would be a fantastic quirky twist to an informal wedding. If you want to stay away from the traditional elements of a formal wedding, cake pops would definitely help you to do that.

Cake pops are for the coordinating conscious bride who is on a small budget. Cake pops can fit in with any colour scheme and any informal wedding style.


  1. I have made over a thousand of these pops, though cannot eat them due to the flour. You mentioned above that these pops might be good for people who are weight conscious... well, last time I made a batch - out of curiosity my husband and I figured out approximately how many calories these little cake pops punch - around 250!!! They may actually be a hidden problem for those trying to lose weight if they are touted as a better alternative than a piece of cake, especially since few people stop at one.

  2. I agree that the cake pops are not formal at all, however, if you forego the stick and make white chocolate cake truffles and set them in a metallic mini-cupcake liner they are more formal. We also added edible pearls, white flowers from a mold, etc...