Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stamp Your RSVP

To Stamp or Not to Stamp?

Yesterday, h2b and I spent the evening putting our wedding invitations together!

We have ordered invitations from a lovely invitation lady who gave us some fantastic and beautiful invitations! Exactly what we wanted!

chop chop

We decided to make the inserts ourselves, the directions and hotel recommendations and the gift list (we’d just like the money, please!), to cut costs.

H2b and I were putting these together, with the RSVP’s (répondez, s'il vous plaît or please reply) in the envelopes. I was just about to seal the first envelope when I thought, ‘Are we putting stamps on the RSVP’s?’

We had a chat about it because we weren’t really sure what to do.

A friend of mine put a stamp on the RSVP in the evening invitation she sent me, and I replied to her invitation the next day. It made replying to her invitation really quick and easy. The address was also on the envelope making it a very simple to pop my RSVP in the post.

But with all the costs already in a wedding, is it financially viable to pay for postage? You’re already paying for your guests’ dinner and possibly some of their drinks, should you also pay for their postage for the sake of convenience? Surely they can stretch to the cost of a stamp?


Although, paying for the postage could mean having your RSVP’s back faster. Guests won’t have to find time to nip to the post office or remember to buy stamps, they can simply pop the RSVP back in the post.

However, if you have guests abroad, you will have to find out the cost for sending your invitations back from that country. For brides and grooms with lots of international guests (like us) that could be very fiddly!

I’d be interested to know what other brides and grooms have done with their RSVP’s. Have you included a stamp? Have you included an RSVP at all or are you hoping guests will send their own? Are you using an RSVP website or emails?

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