Friday, 26 August 2011


Home Made vs Bought

You’re engaged! You’ve been to venues and booked a florist, bought a dress and hired suits, booked transportation and been to food tastings, you’ve set a date and now it’s time to invite people!

But do you buy your invitations or make them yourself?

The Cost Benefit

Most brides believe that it is cheaper to make their own invitations, however I’m not sure how true that is.

Invitation makers are in touch with whole salers and are able to buy glitter, ribbon and sparkly attachments at whole sale prices. After visiting Hobby Craft last week to buy ribbon and glittery flowers for my table place names, I’ve realised it’s not saving me as much money as I thought.


Although, if you are able to bulk buy your stationary, making use of cheaper online retailers making your own invitations may well be cost effective.

Express Your Creativity

Making your own wedding invitations gives you the opportunity to express your creative side. Home made invitations are so personal, your guests will know that you made their invitation personally.


It takes a lot of work to make 60 – 100 wedding invitations. I had a taste of it when I made the table place names, and your guests will realise how much work and how much of your creative side has gone into your invitations.

Your Time

The main benefit of having bought invitations is that you don’t have to spend the time making the invitations. It is very time consuming, printing the inside, buying the bits and putting the card together.

With bought invitations, you don’t have to spend that time making the invitations, you can simply wait for them to be delivered, or pop to the shop to buy them.

Team Work

While it does take a lot of time to make the invitations, that is a lot of time you could spend with h2b as you make your invites together!


Not only is it a bonding session, but it’s good preparation for your marriage working together to make some beautiful invitations!

Last night, h2b and I were working as a team, stuffing the envelopes for the wedding invitations ready to send out next week. It is good to know that we work well as a team and can easily get things done.

Home Made vs Bought

I wanted to buy my wedding invitations because of wanting to save some of my time but also because I didn’t think I could make invitations that look as nice and professional as the ones that I bought.

The lady who made them actually lived quite close to me so we were able to meet up and discuss in detail how we wanted the invitations to look, and I had the exact invitations I wanted. (H2b let me choose the invitations.)

Saying all that, I have received home made invitations in the post before and have thought they look completely stunning. My sister-in-law made all their own stationary and it looked professional.

nick and nicola

Whether you decide to buy or make your invitations, make sure they are exactly what you want.

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