Friday, 12 August 2011

Sneaky Peek #3

Mum’s Outfit

Yesterday we went to Shropshire Country Brides to buy my mum’s outfit for The Wedding! mum1

The lady who helped us find out all the purple outfits in a size 38 (UK size 10) had endless patience, much more than I did!

We told her the colour scheme and the style that we were after, and the lady kept checking on us to see how we were doing. When asking for a matching hat, fascinator, bag and shoes, the lady in the shop was happy to help us.

Mum finally chose a John Charles dress with a shrug jacket and matching hat. She also bought the matching shoes.

The outfit is gorgeous!

Mum chose a patterned dress with a lilac accent. mum2

It has a little bit of sparkle which is a theme of the wedding, copied in the bridesmaid dresses.

There are interesting loops on the hat in the same fabric as on the dress.

I really loved the outfit, it’s something I’d buy to go to a wedding! I got quite emotional, seeing my mum looking so stunning and also because I could imagine seeing mum on The Day all dressed up. I could picture the bridesmaids and mum all done up, climbing into the vintage cars and I did get a little emotional.

And the bonus is! Mum got the entire outfit in the sale!

The bridesmaid dresses, the florist, the invitations, mum’s outfit; it feels as if the whole wedding is finally coming together!

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