Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mother-of-the Bride

Or Mother-of-the-Groom!

Now that we have decided on my dress, and my lineabridesmaids’ dresses, it’s time to focus on the mother of the bride! While I was looking for dresses mum was trying on some outfits when we’d finished.

Mum looked completely fabulous in Linea Raffaelli!

Well, for those prices, everyone should look fantastic in Linea Raffaelli!

Mum tried on this outfit and it really did look amazing. It was a two piece, with the skirt separate.

Mum wants to go for more of a purple outfit, but how do MotB’s and MotG’s know what to wear?

Coordination is Key

this one is perfectAs part of the bridal party, the MotB and MotG have the option to coordinate with the wedding colours. My wedding colours are various shades of purple with a bit of sparkle. While it is a bit of a faux pas to look like the MotB or MotG is trying to fit in with the bridesmaids, choosing an alternative shade of the same colour would be acceptable.

I really like this outfit, if mum wants to match with the wedding colours. It has a mixture of shades and looks fantastic!

Consider Opinions

What you choose to wear is ultimately your choice however it’s important to consider your son or daughter in your choice. Communicate with the mother of the groom, or bride, so that most motbimportantly you don’t wear the same outfit!

Remember Wedding Etiquette

Under no circumstances, in any instance (unless the bride says it’s ok) should anyone wear white or cream other than the bride at a wedding.

Try to avoid anything too slinky or revealing. There is a time for cleavage and your daughter or son’s wedding is not that time.

Is it Comfortable?

Which ever outfit you choose, aslinea MotB or MotG, you will have to work hard on the day of the wedding, rushing around, attending the ceremony and sitting down to eat. Maybe even dancing the night away!

It goes without saying that while you will want to look good, you will also need to feel comfortable.

Steer clear of uncomfortable shoes or a skirt that’s a bit tight. Instead, look at skirts that make you feel great! Be conscious of your shoes, or take fold up shoes in your bag to change into later!

(I have a pair of silver fold up shoes that I love! They are super comfortable and completely convenient. I take them out linea-raffaelli-set-1-jpgclubbing with me!)

Get the Correct Measurements

As MotB and MotG, you will be featuring in a lot of the wedding photos. Ensure that when you order or buy your dress, it has the correct measurements for your figure.

As you can probably tell, I’m a bit of a fan of Linea Raffaelli because I think they fit the figure well and flatter where needed.

Check Out Other MotB’s

mother-of-the-brideThe best way to get a good idea of what Mothers are wearing is to look at other MotB’s and MotG’s.

Or perhaps, if you go shopping with MotB/G and you could choose your outfits together. That would be a fantastic way to get to know your son or daughter’s new family!

For photos of mothers of the bride or groom on google, click the link.


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