Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Day of Your Nightmares

Disaster Weddings

Wedding disasters are very rare. It is almost unheard of at weddings to have a serious disaster. On the 13th August 2011 there were 7 weddings that I know of and they all happened without a hitch. Wedding disasters are very rare.

The Cheating H2b

It has been reported in the news recently that Jessie Wallace cancelled her wedding on the wedding day cheating groomwhen she found out that h2b, Vince Morse, was allegedly sending sex texts to his ex.

She decided that she quite rightly couldn’t go through with the wedding knowing that her h2b had been cheating.

But, would all of us cancel the wedding on The Day?

It would take a lot of guts to cancel a wedding, knowing that all your friends and family are ready to turn up in all their posh frocks. Although, I imagine it would be very difficult to stand up in front of those same friends and family to say vows that you know he already hasn’t kept!

Drunken Bride or Groom

Everyone gets drunk to different extents, and 090519-wed-disasters-samen.grid-3x2everyone acts differently when they are drunk. Luckily, h2b and I are very happy drunks and are only more in love and more content when we are drunk.

However, other brides and grooms can let drinking getting out of hand. It may start with a small tipple to settle your nerves and end up with people like Adrienne Samen in 2003 who destroyed her wedding reception in a drunken stupor.

While a lot of us will settle our nerves with a celebratory glass of champagne with breakfast, it is best to not let it get out of hand!

A Fight!

Again, along the cheating theme: A bride was caught cheating with the best man a week before the wedding butwedding fight the groom didn’t reveal what he knew until the wedding reception.

They went to the church, said their vows, posed for photos and then as the groom stood to say his speech he thanked all the key people for their support, then said, ‘You may have noticed I haven’t thanked the best man. That’s because I found out last week that he’s been sleeping with my bride.’

The groom then yanked the best man out of his seat and began punching him until the bride’s family separated the two men!

Food Poisoning

With seafood or with weddings abroad, food poisoning is always a concern.

One couple who went to French Polynesia, and asian-bride-groom-backs-previewenjoyed their wedding reception right up until they started to feel a bit queasy. The groom made it to the restaurant door before throwing up three times!

Mary McPhail from says, "We had our rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where my husband and I met, and as a surprise gift, they gave us this big, beautiful tray of stone crabs,” McPhail told LifeWire. “The next day, I had a very upset stomach but just attributed it to nerves.”

It turned out that she had food poisoning. At some point during her lengthy ceremony, she clamped her hand over her mouth. The priest quickly wound things up and sent the couple back up the aisle.

“We got to the back of the church and I just lost it all over my gown,” McPhail recalled. “It was a really small wedding, and everybody knew. I was mortified, but it was the highlight of everyone’s day.”

Bad Weather

In 1996, Barbara and Doug Rozenboom hadtornado_nguyen spent 9 months planning their wedding with Hurricane Fran struck causing floods, power failures and 26 deaths in North and South Carolina.

In China, during the Sichuan earlier this year, a couple watched their church crumble before their eyes, but luckily none of the 33 guests were inside the church at the time and no one was seriously hurt. The photographer took some very shocking photos.

Very Rare

Wedding disasters are very rare. The worst most of us can expect at our wedding is rain, and even rain can be turned into a fun and quirky part of your wedding.

While none of us have to worry about wedding disasters, we can sympathise with those unlucky brides who have a wedding to remember for the wrong reasons.

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