Tuesday, 16 August 2011

DIY Your Wedding

Home Made Hidden Touches

Every bride knows that it’s the little personal touches to a wedding that makes it really spectacular, like when your vicar gets your name wrong or you put the wedding ring on the wrong finger.

There are other personal touches that also make a wedding special.

Personal Videos

Instead of paying for a professional videographer, wedding videographerask a friend to be your personal documentary film maker! I’m borrowing a video camera and have asked my little brother to video our wedding, paying particular attention to the vows and the speeches.

If you choose a friend who knows most of the key people in your wedding and is aware of what’s going to happen during the wedding, this would be the best.

There is a lot of amateur video editing software that come as standard on Macs and PC’s, and there’s also a lot of free software on the internet.

Back to School

Chalk boards are a very rustic or vintage accessory to any wedding, and are a fun touch. They are versatile and can be used for anything from the menu or personal messages to special guests.

Seeds of Lovepid11592-wedding_seed_packets_hres

A very popular and on trend idea is to give guests little packets of seeds as a wedding gift.

The idea is that the guests would plant the seeds and when they flower, guests would remember your wedding.

Seeds from a garden centre can be very affordable, and it’s simple to make your own seed packets personalised to your wedding.

Table Names

Personalise your table names with photos or locations you’re going to visit on your honeymoon.

I love the Disc World books by Terry Pratchett. In the novels, there’s a city called Ankh Morpork. I was planning on naming the tables after the streets in the novel. I’m a huge fan so it would really mean a lot to me and some of my friends too! However, now I’m a huge fan of the A Game of Thrones series so it might be changed to the houses of the great families.

The Handmade Touch

If you’re budget means you need to buy off the 331shelf invitations, personalise them with ribbon. Simply use a hole punch to create holes and loop some affordable ribbon through the holes. Instant personalisation!

If you splash out on ribbon, you could even get personalised ribbon with your names and wedding date printed along the side.

I even had the idea of attaching a mini USB to the invitation which would contain all the information about places to stay and information about the wedding.

Winter Wedding

If you’re having a winter theme, use some frost spray and stencils to create a very seasonal effect on your table decoration.

Cake Table

If you have a lot of guests who are happy to bake cakes, a sweet table looks heaps better covered in cake!

sweet table

Different types of cakes allow guests a huge breadth of choice, you could even serve the cake table as part of your deserts to cut costs.

My Personalisation

My plans for personalising my wedding include making the table plan and the place settings, and the table names. We’re thinking of a photo booth, if at all possible, and of doing something special that I cannot currently comment on. (Nudge nudge, wink wink.)

I’m also making my own thank you cards.

I have made all the inserts of information that will go inside the invitations, information about the hotels and directions. I will make little menus for the place settings so that guests know what they’re going to have for the wedding breakfast.

I’m making little signs to go on the tables to ask guests to sign the guest book and the photo surround (which I got in the sale at BHS).

Photos coming soon!

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