Sunday, 7 August 2011

Confidence is Beautiful

Looking Great in Wedding Photos

Many people don’t like having their photo taken but that’s usually down to a belief that they don’t look good in photos. With more confidence, it’s easier to relax and take better pictures.

Love Yourself!

Take a photo of yourself and focus on theme and h2b elements of your features that you do like.

I definitely focus on elements of the pictures that I don’t like, but by focusing on what you do like, it’s easier to boost your confidence.

Ask h2b to help you see which parts of the photos he likes.

Do the T Pose!

If you stand with your feet turned to a T shape and stand slightly to the side of the camera it will add a bit of pow to your photos. Put your weight on your back leg and stand with a straight front leg. This will make you look taller and slimmer, which we all love.

Avoid the Claw

When you’re nervous, you can tend to steph and samtense up your hands. Either place them on your hip or hold your bouquet to keep yourself relaxed.

You could place your hand on your hip to keep your arms away from your body and keep your hands looking soft and feminine.

H2b could hold a glass of champagne to help him look relaxed.

No Slouching!

Good posture is essential for good wedding photos. Role your shoulders back and down to elongate your neck and help yourself to look thinner. Hold your tummy in and use your core muscles to make yourself look taller and thinner.

Fuller Lips

Dab some peppermint oil on your lips to stimulate blood flow and make your lips look fuller in the pictures.

The Bouquet

As this is probably the only time we will holdIMG_7317 a wedding bouquet, brides often don’t now how to hold their bouquet.

For the best impact, carry your bridal bouquet at waist height. This will best show off your dress without making your arms look too chubby. At the waist, your arms will look open and you will look slimmer.

Purse Your Lips

If you don’t want to show your teeth when you smile, and want to keep your mouth closed, remember to slightly purse your lips so that the smile looks relaxed and beautiful.

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