Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Photos to Remember

As a lasting picture memory of your wedding, wedding photos are essential. My tips will help you to get your wedding photos right first time.


Don’t forget the details. Wedding favours, flowers, table crystals and confetti, boutonnieres, even your shoes! You’ve spent all this money and time to create a beautiful wedding, remember to get some photos of them!


Don’t forget people. Give your photographer a list of your key people and ask him to try to photograph everyone. There’s nothing worse than getting your pictures back from the photographer and realising you’d missed someone!


Don’t get stressed. Your photographer will have your list of the photos you want and will do all the worrying so that you can enjoy your day.

Don’t worry about asking for something specific. It’s your wedding day and your photographer will be happy to snap whatever you want.

happy bride


Do think about how you’re going to use the photos after the wedding. Are there some specific shots you want for thank you cards? Are there some shots you want to send to your friends and family?


Do practise posing. Perhaps you could have a engagement or pre-wedding shoot to help you get used to the camera and practise your poses.

I think it can be pretty daunting to be surrounded by cameras with your friends and family snapping away, and have a huge professional camera pointed at you, an engagement and pre-wedding shoot enable you to at least try to get used to being photographed.

sarah pose

Do make sure you have someone on hand to help! I’ve mentioned to my bridesmaids that my dress can ruffle sometimes, and I’ve asked them if they could help straighten it through the day.

Do be happy with your photographer. The best way to find out about your photographer is to look at testimonials on their website.  Of course, they won’t put anything negative on their websites, but try to look between the lines. Look for words like ‘discrete’ and ‘professional’, ‘stunning photos’ and ‘incredible talent’ to give you an idea of your photographer.


Do display the dress. Try not to bustle it too soon and take full advantage of the long train. It is difficult to get around in but it looks spectacular in the photos. Wait until all your formal photos have been taken before you bustle.

Do relax and have fun! Use props or umbrellas in your photos to make them quirky and fun. Formal, straight wedding photos look beautiful, but you could make your wedding a bit different if you add a fun bit of sparkle.


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