Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Wedding Shoes

Breaking in the Heels

I love my wedding shoes, I love love love my wedding shoes! fran's shoes

I’ve been wearing my wedding shoes around the house to break them in and they are becoming more and more comfortable!

The only thing is, they have developed an odd creak.

I had them made in China, when my friend was getting married. I was thinking that someone was bound to marry me at some point, it was an investment. They were only £10, cheaper due to being made in China, but they are custom made to my feet size and are super comfortable!

The creak in the left shoe is worrying me though. I want to keep wearing them to break them in a bit more but I’m worried they’ll break. They are beautifully made to my own design and I do completely love them, I’m guessing they won’t break… They should be ok, right?

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