Friday, 5 August 2011

Wedding Photographs

Perfect Pictures

Many couples don’t realise how important wedding photographs can be nor how important it can be to choose the right photographer for your wedding.

There is only one chance to capture the most amazing day of your life. While many of your guests will have digital cameras and many will have cameras on their phones, they won’t be able to cover every angle of your wedding.

Whomever you choose to take your wedding photos, there are some things you should remember:

  • Keeping Inconspicuous
    A photographer who doesn’t try tochoose-a-wedding-photographer-03 take over your wedding is essential. If you look on their website at testimonials, look for thank you’s that describe the photographer as unobtrusive and relaxed. You will be nervous and excited and giddy, you don’t need a photographer who makes you worse!

  • Someone Who Fits
    Your wedding photographer must be someone you get along with and feel comfortable with. Everyone has different personalities that they get along with, you need to find someone who fits with yours. Don’t leave this important decision to your parents or friends.

  • Look at Completed Albums
    It is tempting to album-weddinguse a portfolio full of amazing pictures when finding prospective clients, but a good photographer will be able to create beautiful albums full of pictures. Ask to see completed albums from one wedding to really get a feel of their photography style. If you’re blown away by a completed album, you know you’re on the right track!

  • On Hand Help
    Remember that your bridesmaids, ushers and best men are there to help you. Delegate jobs to them, such as helping the photographer set up formal shots and gathering people who are needed to appear in photos.

  • Plan B
    If your wedding is in the UK, youdavidpurslow can be fairly sure that it might rain during the day at some point. It is important to have a backup plan for the photos. Remember to bring umbrellas and wellies, but also check if there are any locations inside your venue that would be suitable for taking photos.

    Most photographers will have an idea for alternative shots, but make sure that you and your photographer have the same ideas.

  • Know the Venue
    An engagement shootengagement_shoot-09 is a fantastic opportunity for your photographer to get to know your venue.

    If your photographer is already recommended by your venue then fantastic! Knowing the beautiful nooks and crannies in your wedding venue will create fantastic wedding photos!

  •  What’s the Cost?
    Make sure there are no hidden charges. How long will your photographer be staying at the wedding? Make sure what you’re paying for your photographer is proportional to how long they are staying, although remember that what you’re paying isn’t a day rate for the photographer but is actually representational of how much work will be put into your photos after The Day.

  • Get Made Up
    Your wedding photographs willnan and granddad's wedding last forever. You may pass your photos onto your children. I have copies of my Nan and Granddad’s wedding photos, which just shows how long your wedding photographs could last!

    Make the investment on looking your best and book a professional make-up artist to do your make-up. 

    I booked a professional makeup artist because I have very few opportunities to be made up and I thought on my wedding day, that should be the day I get to be made up and look my best.

  • Forget the Camera
    The best wedding photos are the onejulie's weddings where the bride and groom have no idea that they’re being taken.

    When you’re relaxed, having fun and mingling with your guests I think it’s when you look your most beautiful. I don’t look so great in this photo, but my friend looks fantastic!

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