Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It’s Not Funny

I Have No Sense of Humour About The Wedding

I was watching a Friends rerun on E4, and Monica (the b2b) saidmonika and chandler something really poignant. Chandler (the h2b) said a joke, ‘Vows, I knew I’d have to buy some of those. Pat, I’ll have a vow please.’ Then Monica said clearly,

‘Sweetie, you know I have no sense of humour about The Wedding.’

I was talking to my h2b about as I walk down the aisle. I asked him what he might be thinking when he sees me for the first time. He dared to joke, ‘I’ll be wondering if you can dance in that dress.’

That’s not funny.

H2b and I have chosen vintage wedding cars, eyefetchand we were looking at hiring some 1940’s cars. (We didn’t in the end and this is why!) Dad and h2b decided it would be hilarious to wind me up and suggest that all the men in our wedding dress up in trilbies and have tommy guns.

That’s not funny.

For those of you familiar with Friends, my interest in weddings is similar to that of Monica’s (H2b wishes my interest in cleaning was also the same as Monica’s!) and I’ve tried to be that organised. With all the work and time and money put into a wedding, is it really a laughing matter?

However, being laid back about your bride-groom-laughing-gastown-wedding-photoswedding can only help you enjoy it! For example, if it rains, it will help you to enjoy your wedding if you can laugh about it! 

Laughing and having fun will encourage your guests to relax and have fun with you.

This is something I’ve got to remember! It wasn’t until Monica said that on Friends that I really noticed how I don’t have a sense of humour about the wedding. Not if I think he’s serious, like with the trilbies.

Now I’ve had a reality check, I am going to try to joke about the wedding and remember that it is a time for fun and laughter!

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