Monday, 8 August 2011

Impress for Less, Part 3

Wow Your Guests on a Budget

The final instalment of my tips on wowing your guests without breaking the budget, hopefully these tips will inspire you to get creative for your wedding.

The First Dance

What is your first dance style? Serious and you tuberomantic? Fun and silly? Or something very different?  There are heaps of inspiration on the internet, especially on You Tube so you can see if there is anything you would like to copy.

Also, have heaps of wedding dance ideas. It’s important to find inspiration where you can, it may end up being the biggest talking point at your wedding.


Table games are a fantastic way of adding fun-wedding-photosa bit of fun to your wedding, and the prizes you offer can be silly things from the pound shop or more expensive gifts.

If you’re getting married in the summer, how about a space hopper race?

At one of my friend’s weddings, she challenged guests to see who could drink a pint of beer the fastest. Games at a wedding aren’t to everyone’s taste, but if you’re having an informal wedding games may fit right in!

Also for the tables, Talking Tables have small quiz boxes and paper fortune tellers are fantastic talking points and will get guests talking to each other. How about Chinese fortunes for your wedding?

Cake Popswhite-flower-cake-pops-150x200

I have only just found out about these and I think they are incredible. With guests constantly watching their weight, cake pops are an affordable alternative to the traditional cake.

They are cakes, covered in icing, or however you want them decorated, and mounted on a stick.

It is an amazing idea! If you follow the link you will find heaps more ideas and examples of cake pops. Amazing!

Bring in the Buffet

As every bride and groom knows, buffet wedding breakfasts cut costs. I will be having a buffet in the evening, and a sit down wedding breakfast for the day but buffet wedding breakfasts encourage mingling and create a much less formal atmosphere.

Cash Collector

More and more brides and grooms are askingbc for money as a wedding gift. We have generally lived together for years and have a toaster and towels, what we really want is an amazing honeymoon.

For all those money filled envelopes, instead of the traditional card box, think again about an interesting bird cage.

Decorated with a bit of ribbon from good old Hobby Craft, painted nicely in white or your wedding colours, it’s a cute and quirky touch to any wedding, and looks fantastic!

More Tips

Keep visiting Wedding Thoughts for more tips on impressing your guests while not breaking your budget.

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