Thursday, 4 August 2011

Impress for Less Part 1

Having a Wow Wedding Without a Wow Budget

Savvy brides are always looking for ways to impress their guests without breaking the bank. It is possible to make an impact without blowing your budget.

Prop It Up

If your personality is a little bit wacky (like mine) fun-wedding-photosguests will love to see that in your wedding. You don’t have to have formal wedding photo, include some silly props such as umbrellas, wellies, bowler hats and moustaches.

You could even set up a home made photo booth or a photo room where guests can be silly and take some fantastic photos!

 Different Drinks

Don’t feel as if you have to serve expensive champagne at your wedding, especially if champagne isn’t to your taste. I don’t really like sparkling wine but I do like Asti so I’m serving a glass of Asti to toast.

Try to go with house wines or the caterer’s standard wines to save costs, but don’t be afraid to ask for something different. Wine makes me really drunk very quickly, so I’ve asked for a different drink for my meal to keep me going but also to keep me merry. Also, my h2b doesn’t drink wine very often so he’d prefer a different drink too!

Guests the Theme

Ask guests to dress in the colours of your SNN0526A-682_795913awedding to help tie your wedding together and to make a bigger impact in the photos. You could even suggest that guests wear a certain flower or you could ask your guests to come in fancy dress. Having a star wars wedding? Ask your guests to dress as the characters. Or a Lord of the Rings wedding, or a Harry Potter wedding, if you’re doing the 19 years later bit.

Summer Cool

In a summer wedding, your guests will need some way to cool down. Hire an ice-cream van for a creative way to keep guests entertained and to provide some snack time fun.

Hand fans are another way to show guests you’re thinking of them, they will keep everyone cool, look fantastic and will be a fantastic keep sake.

Creative Confetti

Get creative with your confetti by drying outshropshire petal petals as an eco-chic idea. It’s simple to make your own cones, you could use doilies or Hobby Craft and Confetti sell a lot of different cones.

And if I could also draw your attention to Shropshire Petals, who do a box of dried petal confetti for £36.99. Ordinary tissue paper confetti can bleed colour onto your dress if it rains, however dried petals do not stain your dress.

Shropshire Petals do lots of different colour combinations, delivered in a lovely box.

How Entertaining

Most brides will think a DJ or band are the way to entertain your guests, but have you considered caricatures or a magician? What about a comedian for the reception?

Part 2

Look out for the next instalment of Impress for Less, coming soon!

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