Sunday, 21 August 2011

Days to Go: 230

A Very Productive Day

Today, my wedding making team wrote the invitations, made table confetti while I made the table place settings!

making day

Dad was in charge of writing the wedding invitations. All was going well until we realised that I hadn’t made enough sheets for the menu choices! And I’m out of paper!

I quickly scanned the bar code on the paper box with my phone and have ordered some more, but that’s yet another delay for sending out the invitations! Sorry folks!

My little brother (he is 6’1”) was in charge of table confetti.

double happiness

The paper stamp is really stiff so I needed my brother to cut all the shapes out for me through the card. We have cut out 128 of the double happiness character as that is an auspicious number. Eight is pronounced ‘bak’  which sounds similar to the word for fortune, so that 128 means easy fortune, or guaranteed luck.

The double happiness-es will be scattered over the tables along with the table crystals to add an element of Chinese tradition to the wedding. (Although, double happiness should really be shown in red, not lilac!)

My job for today was to make the place settings. I have bought 300 sparkly flowers, 20 meters of ribbon and 110 little place cards.

bride card

I made one hundred and ten little cards, and my dad used his nice pen and best handwriting to write on mine and h2b’s name.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out but they wouldn’t stay bent in half so h2b and I have put all 110 under some books to squash the bend into them!

[However, I think the best bit was when Dad let me drive his car over to Hobby Craft to pick up more supplies! It was like driving a spaceship!]

Still to do are the rest of the inserts for the invitations: the menu choice sheets that weren’t made and the gift list sheet that I forgot to make.

chop chop

As it’s school holidays, I have heaps of spare time to make elements for the wedding so that even though we have months to go (7 months, 2 weeks, 1 day), I still want to get some things finished.

I wanted to start the seating plan but without even sending out the invitations, that’s not quite so easy to do!

Still, we have accomplished a lot today! Many thanks to my dad and little brother!


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