Saturday, 6 August 2011

Impress for Less, Part 2

Wow Your Guests, Don’t Break the Budget

In the current economic climate, making a big impression at your wedding is becoming more and more difficult. Tips for saving money while at the same time creating a big impact are invaluable!

Bathroom Basket

A small basket of toiletries placed in the loo bathroom basketat your reception venue will be priceless! For the ladies, some freshening wipes, plasters, deodorant, perfume and if your budget stretches that far, some disposable flip flops for when guests feet start to hurt. Hair pins and hair spray would also be useful!

My mum would say this is a waste of money but I think your guests will find this really useful and it’s a nice touch to show you’re thinking of your guests.

Less is More

When decorating your wedding, remember IMG_3087it’s the special little touches that make the biggest impact. If you put a sprig of rosemary or lavender on your napkins, or use photos of your guests as children for their place settings, these little touches can create a huge impact.

I’m making some of my own table confetti. My h2b is Chinese and it’s traditional to use double happiness to decorate Chinese weddings. This is a very subtle touch to the wedding, but I think that it’s one which will make h2b’s parents smile.

Brilliant Bloomscenterpiece_tall1.340170844_std

A savvy bride knows she doesn’t have to use masses of blooms to create a large impact. If you choose flowers with large heads like gerberas or Mona Lisa lilies and accessorise them with lots of thick green foliage it can create as large an impact as a lot of flowers.

Flowers in long, tall vases tend to create a bigger impact than shorter vases and yet seem to cost a similar amount, depending on the florist.

Also, a more natural arrangements cost less than flowers that need to be wired.

Hang On!tissue paper pom poms with chinese lanterns

Hanging decorations really add something different to your venue but be careful not to go overboard.

If you do decide to hang small decorations, remember to use them sparingly and plan where you’re going to place them so that you don’t overload your decoration.

Remember, white or pale coloured decoration is less noticeable, brighter colours such as red or purple can overload.

Impress for Less Part 3

Keep an eye out for part three of Impress for Less for more ideas on maximising your wedding impact while saving pennies.

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