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Top Tips: Videographer

If you’re anything like me, you may be thinking that a videographer is a bitvideographer cheesy or you might not want a camera following you all day, but check out some wedding videos and see if you change your mind.

I have!

Photos are amazing, but videos show what’s happening between the poses. You may see something you didn’t notice on the day or catch a cheeky smile or a glance between you and your new husband. You may even catch a video of your MIL dancing on the dance floor! Or the tables!

Choosing a Videographer

See their work!
If I could offer you only one tip for choosing a videographer, it would be see examples of their work. Even if the video only lasts a few minutes, if it is cleverly edited it will still give you an excellent impression of their work.

If you don’t like the style of their work, don’t go with them. Be honest about what you want, and talk to them about their style.

Ask a Guest

With very simple video editing software available as standard on a PC and an Apple Macintosh, it is very easy to create your own, high quality wedding video.

The Camera

One of the best and easiest to use cameras available at the moment is the Flip Video Camera. It really is point and click with a clear video screen so you can see where you’re pointing. It has a USB connector built into it to allow for easy transfer of videos. The Flip costs on average £120.

There are lots of different video cameras available, and there are a lot of photo cameras that also take good TV standard videos. You should choose the camera that suits you the best.

The Software

As I’ve said, both Microsoft and Apple have their own standard video editing software, but there are also other free editing software that’s very easy to use but also offers a fantastic effect.

Avid DVD is a lovely online service which is free, and allows you to edit your videos quite easily.

Wax is a free to download program that again is easy to use and lets you edit photos and videos together.

But Windows Movie Maker and iMovie especially are far superior and free editing programs. Or if you’re feeling a bit professional, there is always Adobe Premier.

Little Brother Videographer

I have asked my little brother to be our unofficial videographer for the day using my Flip camera.  When I get back from my honeymoon I’d be keen to edit the videos myself to make a snappy, and hopefully interesting wedding video that people won’t groan to watch.

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