Thursday, 7 July 2011

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Your Veil

Your veil can enhance your look or draw attention away from it! Getting the right veil is important and below are some essential veil tips!

Try Try and Try Again! long-white-silk-wedding-veils

Have fun trying on different veils with your dress. It’s essential to try the veil with your dress so that you know how it looks, however once you have chosen your veil length, feel free to visit different shops to buy the veil.

Pick the Position

Placing your veil higher up on your crown will make a wide face look longer.

Think about the hair style you’ve chosen, where could you wear your veil to flatter that hair style and show it off at it’s best? Consult with your hair stylist.

Any Bride Will Dolong-wedding-veils

There are a lot of myths around veils, eg, only a blusher (or shoulder length) veil or birdcage (or fascinator) veil for civil ceremonies and only cathedral length veils for royalty, but you are the bride and if you want a twenty-five foot veil at your country church wedding then you have one!

Veils are the bride’s choice and which ever veil suits your wedding style and wedding dress is the one you should choose! You must feel comfortable in your veil.


Think about which accessories will look best with your veil. A tiara looks great with a veil and can be easily attached to your veil with a few stitches or some tiny hooks.

On straight hair, a low sitting tiara looks best, but with very full curly hair, choose a tiara that sits a bit higher.

Handle With Care

Veils are delicate pieces of clothing. Try to remember not to catch it on doorways or any stylish topiary wedding decoration.

A few days before your wedding, hang your veil up to allow the creases to drop out of it. Do not iron your veil under any circumstances! hero_2B

Choose the Right Hair Style

The comb of a veil will need to stick into your hair so up or half-up hair styles are the best for pinning a veil. However, your hair stylist will be able to work her magic if you would rather have a down hair style.

Remember to check out my Veils Explained post for more information about wedding veils, including their origins!

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