Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Ex Factor!

Invite or Not?

Most of us have had past relationships, which means that most of us have the dreaded ex.

Wills invited four of his ex’s to his wedding when he married Kate. Prince Charles invited Camilla Parker Bowels when he married Dianna. Bruce Willis invited Demi Moore to his 2009 wedding, but is it the right thing to do?

You may have had a few long term relationships, and maybe even been engaged before. Or you could have had a string of one night stands, but would any of your ex-flames ever make it on to your guest list?

Not on Your Nelly

Attending a wedding, when you’re still in love with the bride or groom is not only going to ruin their day, but is unhealthy for the guest! No one needs to see the love of their life saying vows to someone else! AngryBride2_LR

You also risk making your h2b or w2b uncomfortable! They’ll say it’s fine, invite the ex, but do they really want someone who’s seen you naked attending your wedding? Will there be a Ross and Rachel moment at the alter? Do you want them to feel uncomfortable at their own wedding?

What if your ex meets someone at your wedding and starts ‘making out’ with them? Would you feel comfortable with your ex moving on right before your eyes?

Also, consider the question: ‘And how do you know the bride?’

Of Course They Can Come!

However, if your ex is your friend, surely everything will be fine! A lot of ex’s are happy to see their ex happily married. I wasn’t invited to my ex’s wedding, but I’m happy for him now he’s married. happy-bride-and-groom

If your ex got along well with your family and friends, s/he may be missed at your wedding!

If you have mutual friends who are attending your wadding, it could be quite awkward for them if your ex doesn’t attend. Would they feel torn? Would it create long term problems if you didn’t have your ex there just for the one day?

Lucky for Some

Luckily for h2b and I, it’s not an issue. My big ex wouldn’t attend even if we were on speaking terms, and h2b doesn’t have any big exes. 

If it were an issue, I would suggest that inviting an ex isn’t the best of ideas, but each to their own. Just make sure that everyone, including your h2b is happy with the final decision.

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