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Honeymoon Destinations: Hong Kong

Hong Kong

In Wedding Magazine, there was an article about honeymooning in HongP1010180 Kong. It’s definitely a city break, if that’s your thing.

I’m not sure if it’s an advert for the Mandarin Oriental, as that’s the only hotel the magazine recommends, or if it’s an actual article on a honeymoon in Hong Kong, but I didn’t agree with it, so I’m going to write my own.

I lived in Hong Kong from 2005 – 2008, so I know the area fairly well. The article suggests staying at the Mandarin Oriental for £357 a night! Mega bucks! That’s fine if you have a huge budget for your honeymoon, but if you want to spend a bit less, I’d recommend any of the Causeway Bay/Wanchai hotels.

The main areas in Hong Kong is connected by an underground train system. If you stay at any of the places on the MTR, you will be able to get around Hong Kong quite easily.

Where to Stay

I would recommend staying at Cosmo Hotel which is in Causeway Bay in image_hotel_featuredimage_1a very convenient location. Hong Kong island is the best place to stay, and Cosmo is in a key position. It’s very close to the MTR station and it’s only £91 per night, depending on the night and which website you book through.

There are lots of hotels in Hong Kong. It’s a business city and frequently has a lot of international guests needing somewhere to stay. The hotel standards are very high, however be aware that Oriental mattresses can tend to be very thin as standard.

What to Do

There are a few fantastic locations in Hong Kong to visit! I’ve been to all of them so I’m in the best position to recommend them!

  • The Giant Buddha
    Located on LantauIMAG0043 Island, the giant Buddha is a beautiful and peaceful tourist attraction. Buddha is at the top of a mountain, accessible by cable car or mini bus, and offers fantastic views of the beautiful Hong Kong countryside! The Giant Buddha stands 60ft high and is an impressive monument. In the surrounding area is a beautiful temple complex. [NB. Best not to take photos inside the temples as it is considered disrespectful.]

  • Avenue of Stars
    Best viewed at night, Avenue of2004-10-12-anniversary Stars is found in Tsim Shar Tsui (also known as TST) and is a bit like Hollywood Boulevard, but with Hong Kong and Chinese actors.
    Avenue of Stars offers an impressive view of Hong Kong island, perfect for photo opportunities, and there are a few tourist shops along the way. It’s the most romantic place and on the night this photo was taken, I decided to move to Hong Kong to live with h2b. It’s a very moving place!

  • Ladies’ Market (Loy yan guy)
    If you’d like to try your hand at a bit of haggling, the Ladies’ Market is the place to do it! Very very crowded and extremely hot during the summer, it’s loud and polluted and a fantastic place for picking up a bargain!

    Key phrases to use at the Ladies’ Market:
    Cheaper, ok? – Peng dee, duk mm duk ah?
    Too expensive!! – Tie gwai!!
    I can speak Chinese, I think you should give it to me cheaper! – Or sik gong jung men,  peng dee mm goy.

    The Ladies’ Market can be found in Mong Kok. The easiest way to get there is to take the MTR.

  • The Peak
    The Peak is the top oP1010180f the mountain in the centre of Hong Kong island. Again, best seen at night, the Peak offers spectacular views of the Central, Causeway Bay and Wanchai areas. You may be able to spot your hotel from there, I could spot my apartment building! The best views are about 3/4 of the way round. It takes a few hours to walk the entire mountain.

    Also at the top of the Peak is the world famous Madame Tussaud’s. This is one of the places in Hong Kong that I never actually went, despite visiting the Peak on many occasions!

    The best way to access the Peak is via the Peak Tram. It’s at a very steep angle most of the way up but it’s got fantastic views and it’s a brilliant experience, as long as you get a seat!

  • Stanley Market
    This is a fantastic little market for picking up amazing littleDSC07284 things. I got my favourite sunglasses from there, they look like Channel glasses, but they actually cost me less than £1!

    Locals to Hong Kong often host shore side BBQ’s at Stanley, with the supermarket at Stanley selling everything you will need for a BBQ you could join them!

    There is nothing like watching the sun set as you tuck into your freshly cooked, oven smoked burger!

  • Disney Land!
    Hong Kong Disney Land is a lot smaller than P1010086the Paris and American counterparts but it is well worth a visit, even on your honeymoon! The friendly atmosphere and exciting rides combine to give every couple a fantastic experience.

    If Disney isn’t your thing, give this trip a wide birth, but if you embrace your childish side, one day Disney Land is quite fun!

  • Shopping
    There are a number of places to go shopping, depending on your budget. If you have a fuller figure, I would advise not buying trousers in Hong Kong. Also, be aware that shop assistants are very honest and will inform you that they do not have an item in your size even with out asking!
    WaichaiComputerCenter_IMG_2533_w600For buying electrical goods, I recommend visiting the Wanchai Computer Centre for a bargain on anything from digital cameras to laptops. However, the chaps in there aren’t daft, they will clock you’re a tourist and charge you a higher rate so remember to haggle prices as best you can.

    For bargains on clothes and gift items, try to avoid the big swishy shopping malls in Central or anywhere on the Island and head to Tsim Shar Tsui or Mong Kok to pick up some bargains. Remember to check your goods at all times because you won’t be able to return any damaged goods.

    Hong Kong is best for electrical goods, so if you want to buy your family a new mobile phone or DVD player while on your honeymoon, this is the place to get them.

Who is Hong Kong For?

Hong Kong is a fantastic location for any city honeymoon.

Hong Kong is not for the newly weds looking for a beach or countryside break away.

Hong Kong is for the couple interested in photography, a couple who love shopping, a couple who are adventurous and want to experience different cultures. It is essential for couples who want a city break!

If you choose Hong Kong for your honeymoon, I am sure you would have a fantastic time!


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