Saturday, 9 July 2011

Budget Buds

Achieving Fantastic Flowers on a Small Budget

Savvy Saves!

Rule #1 wedding-budget-planner

Be honest with your florist. Be clear with what you want but be definite with your budget. If your budget is tight, be aware that some expensive and out of season flowers may not be viable. However, a good, creative florist will be able to create beautiful arrangements regardless of budget.

Rule #2

Plan out your budget! Plan to spend about 60% of your floral budget on your table centres and remember vase prices. Try to spend 25% on bouquets and buttonholes, and 15% on the ceremony. You may be lucky that your ceremony venue will only require a voluntary contribution to the flowers, depending on the time of year, so you could redirect those funds.

Rule #3 big_high_3_523

Go seasonal! Work with your florist to choose flowers that are in season. Roses tend to cost the same whatever the season but flowers like tulips, gerberas and others will be more expensive depending on the time of the year.

Rule #4

Be aware of hidden costs. Ask your florist for a complete quote, including delivery and set up costs, and the costs of hiring any extras like plates or mirrors.

Rule #5 Corsages

Don’t get wired! Wired flowers take more time to prepare and are subsequently more expensive than hand tied flowers.

Rule #6

Bouquet or corsage?
If bouquets for your bridal party are too expensive, consider corsages or flower accessories for bags or hair. Bridesmaids look lovely walking down the aisle with their flower accessories and don’t always require a bouquet that will only get left on a table by the evening.

Budget Budsa093_flower

Flowers are quite expensive, as I’ve found out, but it is possible to get beautiful arrangements if you are flexible on the flowers. More foliage and in season flowers look wonderful, smell great and make a good photographic impact!

I have lots of posts about flowers including bouquets, knowing the name of your style, tips on choosing your florist and must ask questions.

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