Thursday, 28 July 2011

Surprise Your Bride

One for the Grooms

(Brides! Link to this post for your grooms to see!!)

On the morning of your wedding, your bride will be stressed. She will be running around, getting ready, being very giddy and excited and some brides will wonder a little bit what is going on in h2b’s head.

To put her mind a rest, and to make your wife-to-be smile, send her a little gift in the morning.

The Traditional Wedding Morning Gift

Flowers. rose, single, redYour bride will be inundated with flowers on the morning of your wedding: her bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, her mother’s flowers and dad’s boutonniere. However, a single red rose or a small bunch of her favourite flowers will not only let her know you’re thinking of her but will make her smile!

And your wedding photographer will capture the moment for you to see!


p2592It doesn’t have to be expensive jewellery (although it helps), just a small token that will mean something to your bride.

Perhaps a locket with a photo of your first date or first anniversary, or a bracelet with a few blue stones for her something blue.

And you will be able to see her walk down the aisle wearing the small piece of jewellery that you bought for her. 

[A quick note: If you choose to buy your w2b some jewellery, check that she hasn’t already got her heart set on wearing something else.]

A Card

Especially if it is home made! istockphoto_3383336-luxury-handmade-wedding-cardKnowing that you spent time crafting something lovely will make your w2b understand how special you are to her.

Or, go digital! Moonpig, Funky Pigeon and Hallmark all have photo upload cards, as well as Snap Fish. (I’m getting my thank you cards from Snap Fish – utter bargain!) If you spend a bit of time personalising the card so that it will mean a lot to your w2b the smile will last forever in your wedding photos!

It’s Oh So Simple!

Making your w2b smile is easy! A small piece of jewellery, a card, a single rose (or sunflower or tulip) is such a simple thing but it will mean so much to your bride! smiley bride

When my friend got married and all the bridesmaids were gathered at her place to get ready, there was a knock at the door. A courier delivered a huge bunch of flowers and the most romantic card. She was so touched and her smile was huge! I could tell that although her wedding day was already very special, this small gift from her h2b added that little bit of extra sparkle to the entire day!

It’s these little special memories that make a wedding day that bit more special.

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