Monday, 18 July 2011

Little Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your Hubby-to-Be?

You’re going to be spending your life with him, you’ve bride_and_groom_in_parkknown him for years but how well do you know this man you’re going to marry?

This quiz was in Wedding Magazine, and I really liked it! I thought it would be nice to share it with you!

Keep track of your score and find out what it means at the end of the quiz!

  1. Where was your h2b born?

  2. Where did he go to school?

  3. What is his biggest fear?

  4. He finds you most attractive when your’re
    a) all dolled up with your best frock on
    b) slinky in sexy underwear
    c) bleary eyed, no makeup and wearing his pyjamas
    d) naked

  5. When was the last time he went to church?

  6. What is his favourite way to spend a Saturday night?

  7. What is his dream job?

  8. How did he vote in the last election?

  9. Where does he see himself in 10 yrs time?

  10. How many children does he want?

Total up all your correct answers to find out what it means about your relationship!

Full marks: 10/10
For you and your h2b, communication is no problem at all! You’re probably feeling quite smug that you know your h2b so well, and quite rightly so! It goes to show you’re on the right track with someone who will open up his thoughts and his heart to you.
However, be careful not to lose yourself in your relationship. Remember to have a bit of time apart to pursue your own interests and spend time with your own friends.

7 – 9
You know your h2b fairly well! A little mystery in a relationship is healthy, but which questions did you get wrong? Was it trivial information about his past or was it something more important, such as his plans for the future? Make sure you and your h2b are on the same page about things such as where he sees you in 10 years, or how many children you’re going to have.

4 – 6
Could do better! Make sure you’re clued up on his plans for the future and ask him about the parts of his past you don’t know about. It’s romantic and caring to share information about your school or your childhood. You could plan an evening of wine and relaxation so you can share some of your memories with each other.

0 - 3
While you may be blissfully in love, and passion, and affection, and lust but it’s important to communicate with your future husband to find out who he is deep down, to find out what his ambitions and his dreams are. Ensure you’re both on the same page and want the same for your lives because you will be spending them together!

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