Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I am Disgruntled

Trying to be Reasonable

I believe that every bride should be treated as if she is the kate-bride-william-royal-wedding-alexander-mcqueen-gown-23most important bride there is by her suppliers. Every bride will feel her day is important and will hope that those around her feel the same way too!

So, what to do when one of your suppliers doesn’t respond after a year?

Upon speaking to the florist, he sent me a quote which I looked over and suggested modifying. We agreed on some changes, paid the £50 deposit and asked for the amended quote to be typed up and send to me so that all my paperwork was up to date.

This was agreed in August 2010.

It is now almost August 2011 and I still haven’t received a quote.

Consequently, I’m feeling a bit disgruntled.

I have called the florist 6 timesthe-bored-bride now asking for a quote and have been fobbed off each time.

The first time I called I was told it was almost Valentine’s day so there was little chance of receiving an updated quote. So I left it a little while and called again. This time it was Mother’s Day so I wouldn’t receive a quote.

The third time I called I was promised a quote sent out at the weekend! He was sending out some other quotes this weekend so mine was bound to be there.

The fourth time I rang up my quote hadn’t been sent that weekend butBridezilla_main might be the following one.

The fifth time I called he’s had a lot of staff off not feeling well so he’s been very busy and not been able to send it out. He’s only dealing with high priority issues at the moment so I would have to wait.

The sixth time I called, and this is the last time I will call, I was told that he’s too busy working flat out, how would I feel if I was a bride and he didn’t do my flowers because of writing a quote and that it was only a few changes so does it really matter?

Yes it does matter!

Am I being unreasonable?

I know it is only a quote, it’s not that sadbrideimportant, and I do appreciate that it is currently wedding season so he will be very busy right now… but I do feel that in a year he could have found half an hour just to make the tiny changes and send it out.

I do think that if I hadn’t asked for the second, updated quote, then there wouldn’t be a problem, everything would have gone to plan.

All my other suppliers reply within a reasonable amount of time, and I’m not sure that I made an unreasonable request. I’d say a reasonable amount of time to reply is about a week.

It’s not just that the quote hasn’t been sent out, it’s also that he didn’t contact me to say that he hadn’t done it, I was just left waiting.

I am worried about being a bridezilla. I know that people get very busy but if I had told my boss that I would do something and a year later it hadn’t been done, he wouldn’t be very happy!

If I am being unreasonable, please someone leave a comment and tell me! Help me to keep my inner bridezilla at bay!

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