Monday, 11 July 2011

An Amazing Day

Maximise Your Impact (Part One)

While planning a wedding, couples are always looking for ways to save money and at the same time creating a memorable day. Below are some suggestions on how to make it memorable, cut costs and create style!

Get Organisedwedding-budget

I have had two and a half years to plan my wedding, thanks to me being a student, and that has spread the cost across the time. It has also given us a long time to save up and pay for things gradually. While I’m a bit fed up of waiting for the wedding (270 days to go!!), it does mean that we are now in a position where everything is booked!

Any problems that arise can be easily sorted out because of all the time we have to sort things! I would completely recommend brides to have a long engagement, but perhaps not as long as mine!

Copy Wills and Kate

One of the main talking points of kate-middleton-engagement-ringthe Wills and Kate engagement was the ring.

Using a family heirloom will mean much more to you than a new gem and it will remind you of the family that couldn’t be there with you.

Wait for the Sale

In this economic climate, sales are more than once a year. If you keep your eyes peeled for the bridal shop sales, you might be able to pick up a fantastic dress for a bit less.

I started looking for my dress in April which just happened to be sale time at Francesca’s and I was able to buy my dress for 20% less than in another bridal shop! Bonus!

A Little DIYIMG_5706

You could make your own invitations! My sister-in-law took a week off work to make all their invitations for their wedding, plus matching stationary. I thought they looked fantastic and really followed the theme of their wedding.

Home made wedding invitations add a personal touch to your wedding, and your guests will appreciate the time and care it took to make them.

Hackney Carriage

Traditional black cabs are available in most cities and are classic ways to travel. Instead of fancy classic cars or an overpriced limousine, consider hiring several black cabs for you and your guests.

Settle Your Debts!weddingmoney

If you are able to pay off the big costs (the dress, the venue, the church/ceremony venue) early then you will have a better idea of how much money you have left for the smaller items, such as gifts or favours.

Keep a spread sheet (how unromantic but really useful) to keep track of all your out goings. I’m useless with money but I’m maintaining the spread sheet for our wedding and I’m keeping a good eye on what we’re spending.

Savvy Brides

More posts will follow soon!

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