Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

The Rain Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Day

Most brides wish for sunshine on their special day and a forecast of rain can dampen a bride’s spirits. But it shouldn’t worry you!

Rule #1rainy-wedding1

Have a backup plan and love it! Of course, photos taken outside are the best, with all the scenery, but a good photographer will be able to take fantastic pictures inside your venue.

If you love your backup plan you’re be more likely to stay cheerful during the downpour. It’s important to stay positive and your guests will pick up on your happy vibe!

Rule #2

It very rarely rains for the entire day and you will be able to catch up with outside shots later on. If you find you’re faced with rain, be patient and it’ll soon dry up again.

Rule #3prt_8901blog

Make your wishes known. Have a good relationship with your venue coordinator and your photographer, these are the people who will be organising your day and keeping their eye on the weather. Make sure they know what you want with regards to the weather.

Rule #4

If you have your heart set on an outside wedding but the rain dampens events, bring the outdoors inside. Incorporate ferns and small potted topiary to give your inside venue an outdoorsy feel. Use evergreen foliage in your table centres to bring that evergreen smell into your venue. Use pine cones for place settings.

Rule #5Emma-Tim-Rain-Wedding-LaPerouse-31

Banish the bridezilla. Accept that in the rain, there are certain things that can’t be done, such as lawn games and fire lanterns. Other entertainment can be moved inside, be prepared to talk to your venue early about accommodating outside activities inside. 

Rule #6

A good photographer will have already scouted out good inside shots but be prepared to spot some elegant backdrops for photographs. You could even splurge on a post-wedding photo shoot later when the weather is better.

Rule #7bride-and-ladies-in-rain-boots

Invest in umbrellas! A prepared bride is a stunning bride! Your expensive dress, hair and makeup need to be preserved and the best umbrellas for saving your look are the giant golf umbrellas. White ones match your dress, or you could get some that match your wedding colour scheme.

Rule #8

Wedding insurance! In the worst case scenario, such as a snow storm or a flood, insurance can help with alternate travel costs or rescheduling costs. I’ve blogged before about wedding insurance, and there are a lot of different policies available. I would definitely recommend using an insurer that is well known and respected to ensure you have the most comprehensive cover.

Rule #9Wedding-party-in-rain-boots-300x199

Put it into perspective. You are marrying the man you love. The weather and the little problems don’t really matter because you are being joined either legally or in holy matrimony to the man you love, and that’s all that matters. (I have to keep telling myself that because I am praying for good weather!) The rain shouldn’t ruin your happiness and everyone will be showering you with all their best wishes, you probably won’t even notice!

Benefits of the Rain

  • Clouds make wedding pictures look much more dramatic!
    I have even seen photographers Photoshopping clouds into photos! A clear blue sky isn’t as good a picture as one with sunshine breaking through the clouds, or one with fair weather clouds hovering in the background.
  • Snow looks romantic in photos. It might be freezing and causing all sorts of problems, but it will make your wedding photos look really special.
  • Umbrellas are quirky and fun in photos, wellies and rain dripped windows make photos look unique and interesting!

I’m a bride, and I’m hoping for sunshine, however it’s clear that even with the rain (lets face it, we live in the UK) a wedding can be special and spectacular!

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