Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tackling Your Budget

The Right Budget for Your Photographer
Setting Your Budget
The main factor in setting your budget for your photographer is the importance you place on your wedding photography.
If you only want something simple for your wedding, have a simple budget.
If you are like me and want a long coverage at two locations then your budget will need to be slightly larger. A photographer’s work begins before your wedding day and continues long after, so try not to look at the price as a day rate but rather an investment in beautiful photos that will last a life time.

What if I Can’t Afford my Favourite?
Photographer prices vary from a few hundred to a few thousand, as do the packages they offer. If you can’t afford the full package, look for file packages, a smaller album or shorter coverage. I have even heard of brides moving their wedding date so that they can afford their photographer!
Is it Worth Negotiating?
It will depend on how in demand the photographer is. If it’s a new photographer, just starting out, rates will become more flexible. If the photographer you want is very popular and will get booked up easily, it’s is more difficult to negotiate. If you explain your budget to the photographer, they will be able to tell you what they can offer for your price.
A Second Photographer?
More photographers mean more coverage of the day. I would prefer to book a photographer who brought an assistant with them. However, in this modern world, it’s not uncommon for most of your wedding guests to have a digital camera. You may find that you don’t need a second official photographer.
Who Owns the Copyright?
Under English copyright law, your photographer owns all publishing rights to your wedding photos. However, if they issue a licence with your picture CD which will give you unlimited rights to reproduce your images. However, it does mean that you cannot sell them and your photographer can’t use them to advertise their business.
I did speak to a photographer who would give us the right to the wedding photos for £300, others do it as part of their packages.
Getting an Album
Photographers will want to present their photos in the best way that they are aware. A lot of photographers are hired through word of mouth, I know of one photographer who was practically booked on another couple’s wedding day as the sister was so impressed!
You don’t need to go with your photographer’s album if you would rather organise your own, many photographers offer a disc only package.

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