Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Wonderful Day

Maximise Your Impact (Part Three)

Making your wedding special while saving costs is never easy. But with the tips below, and in part one and part two, you will be able to create a huge impact while saving money.

Happy Snappy

Ask friends and family to snap 18_038extra photos for your album, especially in the evening to cut down on the time the official photographer will need to stay.

Regular visitors will know how important I feel photographs are to the successful running of a wedding, After the wedding is over, the only way to remember it clearly in all it's glory, is through the pictures. They are something to share with your children, your grand children, and something to bore all the people at work with!

Keeping Guests Informed

Wedding websites are often free and are a very inexpensive way of giving your guests information about your wedding. Local hotels, times and places, maps and address, wedding websites provide all the information that would otherwise be in the invitations. Some stationers charge quite a bit of money for inserts, this could be an excellent money saving idea!

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