Monday, 25 July 2011

Essential Questions

A Quick List of Essential Questions

This list is from You and Your Wedding. Print it out to save and keep as a quick check list of essential questions. DSCF9635

Your Venue

  • Are they available on your date?
  • How many guests do they accommodate?
  • Is it close to your ceremony venue?
  • Is the cost within your budget?
  • Do they have caterers with a menu you can look at?
  • Do you have exclusive use? Will there be other weddings on your wedding day?
  • Is there accommodation for guests and if there is, is there a wedding discount?
  • Can you have a marquee/band/candles/fireworks?
  • Can you have a late bar?
  • Does the quote include VAT and service charge?

Your Dress Maker

  • How long should you allow for the article-page-main_ehow_images_a07_c5_ra_make-own-virtual-wedding-dresses-800x800dress to be made?
  • How many fittings will you have?
  • What do you need to bring with you? (eg, lingerie, shoes)
  • Do you sell matching accessories?
  • Will you need to pay a deposit and when do you need to pay the balance?
  • Will you need to collect your dress or can it be delivered?
  • Will they store the dress for you at the shop?

Your Photographer

  • Can you view their previous work?
  • Do they use a film or digital camera?digitalcameras590
  • What style of photography do they use?
  • How many pictures will they take?
  • Who will own the copyright for the pictures?
  • How long will the photographer stay on The Day?
  • Will they visit the venue before hand?
  • When will you receive your pictures after your Big Day?
  • Will they set up an online gallery?

Your Cake Maker3057831640_fc17cb73a8

  • Can you see examples of their work?
  • Can you choose from a selection of different cake fillings?
  • Is it possible to sample their cakes?
  • Can you have mixed flavour layers?
  • When will you pay, and how?
  • Will they come to your venue to assemble the cake on the day?

Your Florist

  • Can you see examples of their work?My-Florist-1
  • How many other weddings is the florist doing the same day as yours?
  • Will the florist you’ve consulted with be the actual person preparing the flowers?
  • Can they suggest ways to keep within your budget?
  • Is there a maximum distance they will travel to dress your venue?
  • When will you pay them and how?
  • Do they charge for breakages? (This will probably be a yes!)
  • How long do they need to set up?

Your Entertainment

  • Does your DJ have a versatile play list?
  • Does the band play recorded music between sets?
  • How long will the band need to set up?

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