Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hen Do Excitement!

Things Are Getting Organised!

My chief bridesmaid (CB) has been emailing me about my hen do and I’m getting really excited about it!!!!

I think hen do’s are really personal to the bride. Before CB got married, I imaged all hen do’s as mad, wild excuses to get drunk and be incredibly silly for 48 hours. drunk-bride

However, the hen do should fit the bride. If you’re not into getting drunk and being silly, you shouldn’t have to waste your money and your time doing that.

Personally, I would love to let my hair down. I have a job where I can act silly, but I still need to be professional and fairly straight laced. It would be fantastic to let my hair down and go wild for a weekend.

But what is out there for the bride who doesn’t want to get paralytic?

The Spa Break

Relaxing, pampering, calm, a really good gspa-pamperingirlie weekend, a spa weekend is perfect for the bride who doesn’t want to go wild.

Spa hotels offer a wonderful place to stay while at the same time a pampering holiday!

It will also help you to look relaxed and beautiful for your wedding.

The Great Outdoors

A camping holiday is full of bonding, tent building and chats over the camp fire. If you’re the outdoors type and don’t want a mad hen do, a camping holiday will be a different and memorable trip for your friends.

There are fantastic locations around the whole of the UK, close to home or further afield. Most camp sites have access to bathroom facilities and some have on site entertainment.

Casino Girlscasino

You have been lucky in love, maybe you’ll be lucky at the casino! A night of gambling for you and your girl friends may be just the thing.

A glass of wine, the atmosphere in the casino, feeling lucky and dressed up, you may even win big which will help contribute to wedding costs!

The Orient Express

Take a ride in style on the Orient Express! There are a number of different destinations on the Orient Express, it tours lots of different countries. There are a variety of prices for the trip as well, matching any hen do budget.

The tours of Europe and further afield are amazing, and all meals and accommodation are taken care of on the train.

Farmers Wife Hen Party

Spend an afternoon baking bread, vintage_farm_wedding_02feeding the pigs and collecting eggs! Milk a cow and dance a jig to really lift the spirits of the party. And for the hen - paint her life story on the barn wall - high art meets low gossip! Find your inner rhythm at the bodhrán (Irish drum) class. Take the tractor and trailer through the forest and enjoy an ancient Irish pedicure - walk barefoot in the bog! And after all that activity relax in the best local hotel for a gourmet dinner, nightclub and luxurious night's sleep. Follow this link to find out more.

Women Are the Best Drivers

Be it a tank or a formula one car, or even a go kart, a driving hen do is a lot of fun! It does mean that there won’t be much drinking going on, but donning the safety suits and heading out for a dangerous drive can be a real buzz for any hen party.

A definite consideration for whomever is planning your hen do!

Not a Drinker?

There are a lot of unusual and brides-maid-updifferent hen do choices out there for the bride who isn’t into the drinking and being wild.

I noticed that some hen do arrangements are called ‘sophisticated’. I think it’s important to remember that a bride who doesn’t want to get paralytic isn’t any more sophisticated than one who does (me!), it’s just that everyone has their own way of celebrating and no one way is better than another.

What ever you decide for your hen do, if any of the ideas on this page have help, have a fantastic time!

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