Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bridezilla: How to Cope

It’s Just One Day

You’ve spent anything upwards of £15,000. Your friends and family are expecting a good time, music, dancing, booze. And, of course, bridezilla2you want a perfect day because you’re only getting married once. You will have a lot of pressure on yourself for everything to go as planed. 

But that is no excuse to act like a bridezilla!

Everyone has their own way of winding down and relaxing, but when you’re feeling stressed and under pressure it’s difficult to think of ways to relax.

If you’re feeling under pressure and can’t think of what to do, then read on!

How to Cope

I’m not going to suggest lying in a warm bath or a gentle walk because if you’re anything like me, you’ll sit and think about all the things that need to be done. I’m going to suggest distraction techniques.

Shoot Zombies

Either on a console at home (h2b is bound to have one)House_of_the_Dead-Nintendo_WiiScreenshots11773hod3 (16) or at an arcade (h2b will know of a good one), shooting zombies is not only relaxing, but is also satisfying as the all your problems personified in the zombies fall by the way side.

And h2b can join you as you play a co-op shoot ‘em up. Uncommunicative florist – bang! Difficult bridesmaids – granade! Expensive dress adjustments – rocket launcher! Letting out a bit of frustration, and relaxing with h2b may be really good for you.

Go Out with Your Friends

While your friends are supportive, they manchester-friends-pub-quizwon’t want to talk about your wedding all the time so going out with your friends will force you to think and talk about something other than your wedding.

Go to a pub quiz, you’ll be too busy trying to think of the answers to be able to think of your wedding, and there will be a prize at the end if you win! You’ll be surprised how relaxed you feel after a night out with your friends.

Play a Competitive Sport

Even if it’s in your back garden, play a DSCN1840competitive sport with your h2b or whoever’s available. It might be badminton over the washing line or football between two shirts, but play something you want to win.

Not only will exercising release endorphins in your blood stream to make you feel more relaxed, but it’s good for you! You’ll look ever better in your wedding dress after an afternoon of badminton (or your chosen sport)!

Have a Day Trip

Take your mum, your MIL, your little nieceDSCF5945 or your friends and have a day out. The National Trust offer lots of interesting places to visit, as does English Heritage. There’s Alton Towers, or Safari Parks, castles are good for international guests and also Royal attractions such as Buckingham Palace or Winsor Castle.

You’ll be so astonished looking at all the sights and drinking in the historic atmosphere that you’ll be too busy to think about your wedding. (Or, if you’re like me when I went to Winsor Castle, be busy thinking about how great your wedding would be if it was booked there!)

Relax and Be Calm

And remember, if you find yourself snapping at people, make sure you take the time after your wedding to thank everyone for their patience.

I think your friends and family will appreciate it’s a stressful time for you, but remember that everyone is aware it’s only one day.

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