Friday, 29 July 2011

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4 Florists, 1 Decision
And it’s a tough one!

After being let down by my mean florist, I have begun the search for a different florist, and I went to four florists today.

I can tell you now, it’s not going to be an easy choice.

I’ve changed tack and instead of making appointments and having very serious chats, I’ve put together a bit of an idea of what we want for our day and just popped into some local florists.

Mimi’s Flowers

Mimi wasn’t actually in when we popped in so we couldn’t have a chat.

I left the list of the flowers I was thinking about and my contact details. The lady in the shop was very helpful and she promised to pass the details on to Mimi.

Love Flowerslove flowers

I had popped into Love Flowers before to ask about a throwing bouquet and the lady in the shop was really helpful so I immediately thought of popping into Love Flowers to talk about all my wedding flowers.

The lady in the shop (I wish I’d asked her name) was really lovely and chatted to us about her experience and what sort of thing we could expect.

She was very clear that at the moment she has a wedding to prepare for, but she would send a quote in the week. Fantastic!

She was really really lovely and I’m glad that I popped in to speak to her. It’s a really lovely little shop and if you follow Love Flowers on Facebook you will be able to see any offers they have at the moment.


They were a bit busy when we popped in so bg-1asked if we wouldn’t mind coming back in an hour. We were in the area anyway so that was fine and when we came back they talked to us for quite a long time.

(They have a very nice website!)

I’d left my flower list when we popped in the first time and it was obvious they’d looked at it before we’d got back and had some ideas for us when we went in.

The chap at Blooms (again I didn’t ask his name! Grrr!! Must do that next time!) talked us through our ideas and gave us some interesting ideas.

Right before our eyes, he picked out some stunning flowers and put them together to make a beautiful bouquet for the tables! That was fairly amazing! He put it all together on the mirrors with the tea lights to give us an idea of how it was all going to look! 

Talking to him about our flowers, I really felt as if we were in good hands. I am currently awaiting a quote but I’m sure it will arrive before the end of the week. I’d be interested in seeing how it all turns out.


This was the last florist we went to see. 4539336917We did pop in while they were having a delivery and Bridget still tried to speak to us! Dad suggested we might pop back later.

When we popped back Bridget spent a lot of time speaking to us explaining exactly how she works and what I can expect for the next few months.

It is obvious that Vickers are very experienced and very professional. Bridget has been a florist for 25 years and has even arranged flowers for the Queen! She’s also very friendly and very chatty.

As Bridget talked to us about our flowers, it was clear that we would be in good hands if she was our florist. She even explained a payment plan so that we could spread the cost of the flowers.

A Tough Decision

I’m not sure which florist to go with. I’m being really cautious now as I clearly made a bad decision the first time but they all seemed really good and very professional.

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