Sunday, 31 July 2011

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Can A Veil Be Removed Without Ruining The Bride’s Hairstyle?

My immediate answer to this question is: yes!

However, on second thought it depends on how IMG_8984the hair stylist has placed the veil into your hair.

I was at a friend’s wedding and helped her to remove her veil from her hair. She had worn her hair mostly down (as you can see in this picture) so that meant it was a fairly simple job of slipping the veil out of her hair. The comb wasn’t tangled and her hair looked fantastic for the entire night!

However, if you have a more complicated up-do and the comb for the veil is more intricately linked in with your hair it may be more difficult to remove it.

I would definitely suggest asking a friend to help you, but choose a friend who will be careful and take it out slowly. Even with a down-do, if the veil is yanked out your hair it will make a mess.

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