Monday, 25 July 2011

Bride Style

What’s Your Photography Style?

There are lots of different ways to have youredited wedding photos taken: informal, formal, reportage, documentary, traditional, modern, artistic. Before choosing your photographer, you need to decide which style you want.

How to Tell the Difference

You will be able to see in a lot of wedding albums what the styles are. Many photographers take informal posed shots, or take artistic, formal pictures. Your photographer will be able to tell you what style s/he uses which will help you get a better idea of what you want.

Documentary Photography

They tend not to have the traditional documentoryposed shots and instead opt for capturing the day using action shots and interesting little moments. You may be completely unaware of your photographer taking any photos until you see how fantastic they look in your album!

Reportage Photography

A lot of photographers use this phrase to mean 'unobtrusive’. It actually means being a bit of a fly on the wall. Your photographer may blend into the crowd of guests but you will find the shots stunning.

Traditional Posed Shots

To ensure you capture all the important people in your wedding photos (parents, siblings, bridesmaids, best friends), you could mix a few posed shots in with your reportage photography. Posed shots don’t have to be a chore, your photographer can make them fun and informal.


It’s becoming more and more popularsepia copy for wedding photos to have a vintage yellow tinge to photos. Is this your style? Speak to your photographer!


Some photographers touch up photos as standard, some will charge extra for it. Think carefully if you want to naturally capture your day without the touch ups or if you want to remember your wedding as perfect as it is in your memory.

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