Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Seating Plan

Aka A Nightmare

Your seating plan will be a difficult, challenging, IMG_6059complicated and a real trial. There will always be the wrong number of people at a table, it’ll never fit and will give you the biggest headache of your wedding.

Clare wants to sit with John but she’s not friends with Lucy but Lucy is friends with John’s wife Jenny. But if Lucy sits with John there’ll be 11 people at the table and Jenny is bringing her baby!

Or you might find the challenge quite fun!

Traditionally, the bride and groom sit atPhone Pix 085 a long top table however nowadays couples opt for a round table as it’s more sociable, or a sweetheart table for two.

If you have divorced parents, make sure you seat them near the happy couple but apart from each other.

This suggestion is making me crazy but try to seat an equal amount of men and women at a table to ensure a happy atmosphere. It’s traditional to seat couples at the same table, but not next to each other. However, children tend to be seated with their parents or at a children’s table.

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