Tuesday, 12 April 2011


What Were They Thinking?!

I have just been watching Bridezillas and I’ve got to comment. BridezillasI’ve never actually met a Bridezilla before but apparently they are out there, causing trouble and making everyone around them miserable.

I can understand the motivation. I have been dreaming about my wedding since I was a little girl. I have dreamt about being a princess for a day, being special and looking beautiful. I’ve day dreamed about all the beautiful flowers, dresses, clothes and all my friends and family dressed up in their finery watching h2b and I getting married.

However, it doesn’t matter if it rains, it doesn’t matter if someone’s late, it doesn’t matter if things don’t turn out as perfectly as you imagined because all that’s important is marrying this man you love!

bridezilla-season7-andrea1 For example: In my daydreams about my wedding, I had my heart set on h2b to wearing a dark grey Georgian suit and black suits were banned. However, when h2b tried on a Georgian jacket it just didn’t suit him, and he looks better in a black suit, so we booked tails instead. From what I’ve seen of this Bridezilla programme, that would mean a big blow out but does it really matter? I want my h2b to be comfortable and happy with what he’s wearing, does it matter if it’s not exactly what you wanted?

Other things that have gone wrong so far are I booked the wrong date and almost lost our photographer. Instead of getting upset, I prepared myself by looking for alternative photographers. Luckily we could get the one we wanted so that all worked out fine.

The cars I wanted were already booked on our wedding day so we couldn’t have them. Instead of throwing a wobbler I looked for and booked some different cars that are just as nice.

I asked my chief bridesmaid if she could come to look at wedding dresses with me and my mum. bridezilla2 There was a mix up on the dates and times so that chief bridesmaid can only make one of the days. Instead of having a hissy fit and accusing my chief bridesmaid of all sorts, I was just grateful that she was able to give up one of her few days off to look at me in wedding dresses. It is much appreciated!

What to do when things start going wrong…

Weddings are stressful occasions but it’s important to think of why it’s so stressful. The factors that contribute to the stress are:

  • Making a commitment to one person for the rest of your life
  • Wondering what other people will think of your wedding
  • Worrying about the weather/rain/temperature
  • Worrying that something will happen outside of your control
  • Wondering if people will have a good time at your wedding
  • Making sure that everything runs on time

Don’t worry about the little stuff

bridezillaMost people won’t notice the tiny little touches you’ve added to your wedding so if they’re not all exactly right don’t worry about it. If you asked for doughnuts and cupcakes for your evening buffet but they only serve cupcakes it doesn’t matter. No one else will have known about the doughnuts, they will think things are running to plan.

If you wanted alternate wedding favours but two people sitting next to each other have the same favour, they won’t notice.

Don’t worry about the little things!


Ensure that you have a bridal party you can trust, people you can depend upon.  And remember the nicer you are to people, the more inclined they will feel to help you. I hope that on my wedding day, if there are any problems, I won’t know about them because my bridesmaids and groomsmen will have worked together to sort it out for us.

But within that, be aware of unavoidable limitations. For example, if your best man doesn’t have a driving licence, don’t ask him to drive some of your guests and be cross when he says no!

You can even delegate to a wedding coordinator at your venue. They are professional problem solvers! 

Remember what’s importantBridezilla_main

Your wedding day is about two people declaring their love in front of all their friends and family. It’s about making a commitment for life to love and care for someone through all the good times and the bad. It’s a promise to work together and be a team when tackling all the challenges and joys that life might give you. If it rains, it doesn’t really matter. (Unless you have a wedding outside, then it could be a bit of a problem.)

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