Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoesmy-shoe-1

This week I have been breaking in my wedding shoes in preparation for the big day. My big day is still 11 months, 23 days away but I believe in being prepared. 

I bought my wedding shoes about four years ago. My friend was getting married in China and I saw a fantastic opportunity to save a few pounds by buying my shoes at the same place. They were custom made to the design I chose. They measured my feet to ensure my shoes were a my-shoes-2comfortable as they could possibly be. I have kept them in their box ever since.

Wedding shoes can be a touchy subject. Some girls out there just want comfort for their big day while other fashion conscious ladies want something stylish and beautiful. I’m going to admit that I sway more towards comfort because you will need to stand up in these shoes for almost the entire day.

Here’s some tips on pleasing both types of shoe shopper:

  • Make sure the shoe is comfy in the shop!
    If you can’t stand five minutes in these shoes you’re never going to last the whole day. Walk around the shop in the shoes. If you’re buying your wedding shoes at your wedding dress shop, try them on with your dress. Look for problems areas where the shoes may start to rub if you’re in them for the whole day.
  • Shoe colour…
    More and more frequently, brides are buying shoes that match the colour scheme and stand out particularly under a white dress. This can be a very striking look and really stands out.
    Alternatively, if you would like your shoes to match your dress you can ask for a swatch of the fabric to look for shoes to ensure you get a close match.
    Then again, your shoes are going to be hidden under a long dress, does it really matter what you wear? You could even sneak some trainers under there if no one is going to look. I don’t think wedding guests pay too much attention to the tiny details so if the colour of your shoes is slightly different to the colour of your dress, will anyone notice?heels 
  • Heel size
    Often, more petite brides choose a tall heel but remember you are going to be stuck in these shoes for the entire day.
    A few things I’d recommend for heels:
  • Make sure your heels don’t make you taller than your groom, unless that kind of thing doesn’t bother you, then have the heel size that suits your figure the best.
  • Also, have some flat shoes on hand hear by. You may be able to leave some with your venue or ask your bridesmaids to carry some in their bag.
  • The best fold up shoes by far, in my opinion, are Red Foot. I have a pair of Red Foot fold up shoes and on a night out they have saved my life! I take them with me every time I wear my going out sandals! They fold up small enough to fit in your handbag so if your feet do start to hurt during the night, you can quietly slip into some fold up shoes and be in complete comfort.
  • Outside wedding?wedding bee 2
    If your wedding is outside, where will you be standing? If it’s on grass it might be better to go with a wedge heel.
    Alternatively, there is a new invention out there: The Soul Mates. They work by clipping onto the bottom of your heal and act as a wedge for the bottom of the heel. It will mean an end to sinking into the grass or slipping on gravel.
    I went to a National Trust house last weekend, in heels, and I think I brought back half the lawn with me! If I’d used these soul mates it would have been a lot easier. Also useful for garden parties!
  • Check the refund or return policy
    Just in case anything happens or you change your mind, check the return policy. Obviously, you can’t return anything you’ve worn outside, but if a bridesmaid drops out or anything else happens, you want to make sure you can return the shoes.
  • scholl_party_feet_600px Party Feet
    The best invention for shoe comfort in the world! There are cheaper alternatives but I swear by my Party Feet!
    They have full sole gel inserts, sling back strips, heel cushions, sore spots, heel shields, gel pads for under the ball of your foot, blister plasters, ultra thin pads, and much much more. I swear by them. I bought some that are glittery!

    I think the blister plasters are the best because you can stick hubpagesthem to your foot in your problem areas. Fantastic!
  • Can I see your toes?
    While I do think that the small details aren’t so important, I would suggest a pedicure if you’re wearing open toed shoes or sandals.  It just looks nicer and gives an over all polished look to your wedding.
  • Should the bridesmaids wear the same shoe?
    Not necessarily. If your bridesmaids are wearing short dresses then it does look better if they are all in the same shoe, or at least the same colour of shoe.
    If your bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, your guests will not be trying to see their feet. It would be sensible to ask them to wear the same colour shoe however you want your bridesmaids to be comfortable for the day.

Whatever your shoe decision for your wedding, make sure you really love your shoes. I love mine and I’m really glad I bought them when I did because now they remind me of my friend’s wedding – plus they can be my something old-ish!


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