Tuesday, 5 April 2011

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How to Pose for Your Wedding Photos

You are most likely going to keep your wedding photos for the rest of your life. You want them to© Curtis Copeland & Copeland Photography All Rights Reserved be memorable, beautiful and filled with all your friends and family. You may also want to look your absolute best! Here are some tips on how to look your completely amazing in all your photos!

  1. Stick out your chin!
    To avoid double chins in pictures find a natural pose where you can extend your chin or tilt it to the side.
  2. Have good posture!
    While you don’t want to look stiff, you want to show your figure off at it’s best. If you slouch it will make you look saggy, keep your shoulders back but relaxed to pose2make you look more perky.
  3. Find your perfect angle.
    If you notice, on the red carpet actresses never look straight down the camera.  They always stand at an angle to have their picture taken. Do some experimenting either in the mirror or with a camera to find your perfect angel. Stand at about a quarter turn from the camera. Put one foot forward, straight ahead of you. The other foot should be turned to the side so that your body is at an angle.
  4. Avoid the closed eye look.
    If you’re anything like me, you will blink when the flash goes off. To avoid this, ask the photographer to count to ‘three’ before he takes the picture. If take in a breath when he says ‘three’ then you won’t blink. Crazy but say it’s true!
  5. Idol hands
    Make sure you do something with your hands. It needs to be a relaxed pose. A lot of pose3the time when I’m posing for photos, I put my hand on my hips in a vain attempt to look thinner. You could vogue with your hands or hold hands with your hubby. Your hands may be hidden under your bouquet.
  6. Smile or no smile?
    Don’t force a smile. You will probably feel like smiling lots and lots and lots! I feel like  smiling just thinking about it! There may be times during the day when you don’t feel like smiling and if your photographer snaps a picture of you during those times they can look lovely and peaceful.
  7. Interact with your guestspose4
    Some of the best photos are of people hugging or talking or being natural in pictures. Make sure you forget your photographer is there and talk to your guests. They are there for you and these natural photos will look fantastic in your album.

If you have any tips for posing for photos please let me know and I will include them in my post. Have you had your photos taken for your wedding? What would you advise?

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