Monday, 18 April 2011

Bridalwear by Francesca

I Went to … Bridalwear by Francesca

A last minute appointment, we made it just in time to try on some dresses at Bridalwear by Francesca. aire_barcelona ROSA CLARÁ bridal gown Diane was fantastic and really listened to what I wanted. She gave us heaps of very valuable advice as she could see I was getting a bit over loaded.

Francesca had a wide range different dresses, all different colours and designs.

We pretty much had the room to ourselves and was able to focus on finding a dress that was right for me.

Dianne suggested three different dresses for me, as we had already had a fairly clear idea of what we were after, however we did pick a dress that was slightly different.

Francesca did offer to price match on a different dress that I’d liked from another shop and there was a limited time discount on some dresses on the day we went although to take full advantage of that we’d need to pay the full balance on ordering.

I was advised to visit Francesca by a friend who also bought her dress there, and my advice is also to give them a visit!

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