Saturday, 16 April 2011

An Element of the Orient

A Bit of East Meets West

Last year my friend helped me to find a double happiness paper stamp. Double happiness is IMG_3087a Chinese ideogram which represents a happy marriage. It features highly at a Chinese wedding, it may appear on the invitations or the napkins. At my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s wedding it appeared as bunting in our hotel suite. And it is always red.

My h2b is Chinese and I wanted to include an element of his culture in our English wedding. The only thing is, red is not one of our wedding colours.

I’m not sure if it’s unlucky to have double happiness in any other colour than red but we were thinking of having it in our wedding colours.

We have been searching for the paper they make sparkly table decorations out of, the double sided sparkly card, sort of plastic. We cannot find it anywhere! So, we thought we could try double sided paper instead.

The double happiness-es would be scattered on the tables along with the crystals and glitter. Hopefully it’ll add a little bit of Chinese culture to our traditional English wedding.

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