Tuesday, 19 April 2011

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How to Put On Your Dress

While trying on dresses at the bridal shop you will usually be asked to dive into your dress. I imagine it’s a bit like going through the rabbit hole!

However, with your hair done nicely and makeup on, diving through your dress will not be the best of ideas.

Here are my tips on how to safely put your dress on without ruining your look!

  1. Ask for any tips or advice from the bridal shopphotographing-bride-to-be-trying-on-wedding-gown-2
    They are the experts and will know the best way to get into your dress. Listen to their advice and follow that.
  2. Pop your dress on, then take it off
    1. Before you’ve had your hair done or your makeup done, pop the underskirt on (if you have one).
    2. Then ask someone to help you dive into your dress. They will need to put the dress, top forwards, into their arms so that you can dive into it.
    3. Don’t fasten the dress up, push it down your body to the floor.
    4. Push the underskirt down as you push the dress down, so that it falls around your ankles.
    5. Then step out.
      Now your dress is ready for you to step into it once your hair and makeup is done.
  3. When you’re ready, step in
    Once all your makeup and everything is done, step into the space you left when taking off your dress, and pull it up with your underskirt. Make sure everything is comfortable and then ask someone to zip you up, button you in or tie you in.

My main advice would be to follow what the ladies in the shop say, however if you follow these steps you are sure to get into your dress without messing up your hair!

Good luck!

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