Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wedding Hair Styles

Finding the Style that’s Right for You

Sometimes all you need is to look at a picture of the hair styles that you like to show your stylist.

Up Do’s

updos-wedding3 wedding-hair-updos black-wedding-hair-updos  

picture from

picture from weddingdresscolection

picture from wedding

Long-Wedding-Up-Do-Hairstyle1 Wedding Hair with floral clip Picture 2  
picture from deleted blog picture from wedding hairstyle gallery picture from meisshin’s blog  
updo-bridal-hair-styles1 Wedding-Hairstyle-Updos12 wedding-hair  
picture from picture at picture from flikr  

Down Do’s

long-hairstyle-ideas black-hairstyle-wedding long_wedding_hair
picture from picture from picture from
long_hair_2_m long_hair_5_m long_hair_8_m
picture from project picture from project picture from project
long_hair_9_m long_hair_839_10_m long_hair_765_10_m
picture from project picture from project picture from project

I used google to find the hair styles featured here however I would complete recommend Project to check out the hair styles they have on there. I only picked out 6, but they have 17,000 and more on their website when I last looked. You are bound to find a style that suits you from all those!

Best of luck!

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