Wednesday, 20 April 2011


My h2b and some of my friends, and I have discussed this problem many times: What to doimages when a zombie attacks?! For all the information and points you will need to consider, check out As Staggered points out, it’s important to work with your partner and become a zombie smiting team!

  1. Find a safe place to hold out
    I would suggest somewhere with sewage drainage, somewhere you could grow crops or rear animals, and somewhere with very big, very secure walls!
  2. Weapons!
    Zombies are traditionally killed by destroying the brain. The easiest method for this is shooting them in the head. Guns aren’t really abundant in the UK so finding somewhere to get guns is essential. And ammunition. Without ammunition guns are very un-streamlined stones. Sharp knives too, as cutting the spinal cord at the base of the neck also works to stop a zombie.
  3. Quarantine!
    When other survivors start hearing about this safe place you have, you will be inundated with refugees. Make sure you have an effective quarantine system before you admit any new survivors.

Follow these three simple rules and you will survive any zombie apocalypse! But make sure you read’s article too, as without that information, you’re stuffed!

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