Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Adding Wow to Your Wedding

Keeping Secrets: Adding Surprises

I am hopeless at keeping secrets! Even when it’s something good, like a surprise for our wedding guests154242__loveactually_l. Personally I love secret surprises. I’ve asked for my hen do to be a complete surprise and my h2b is organising our honeymoon in secret to surprise me. I like surprises, I look forward to them!

One of the best wedding surprises is in Love Actually where the best man arranges for a band to pose as wedding guests and asks singer Seal to sing as the couple walk down the isle.

I know it’s just a film but it’s a really good surprise!

Dancing Down the Aisle

Another wedding surprise that looks fantastic is Jill and Kevin’s wedding, a You Tube wowsensation.

The wedding party including the bride, groom, all the bridesmaids and ushers dance down the aisle to  Forever by Chris Brown.

So popular was this idea that the video went viral with 64 million views as of April 2011. The bride and groom from this video were on Good Morning America, which just goes to show how well a wedding surprise can be!

Bridal Party Dance

Popular in the States and Canada is the bridal party performing a dance. Not so popular over here in thriller the UK, this could be an option for adding a bit of a surprise to your wedding.

In this video, the grooms men enter the stage area walking like zombies, get into position on the dance floor then perform the Thriller dance from the Michael Jackson video as the music clicks in.

It’s a really effective dance and would definitely surprise your guests. In the video there’s a scream from the guests, so it definitely surprised someone!


fireworks Fireworks add a bit of pow to your wedding and break up the time between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception.

This fantastic display from Marc and Maria’s wedding in July 2007 looks amazing. If you book something like this your wedding could go viral on YouTube!

Your guests won’t know your wedding itinerary and everything that happens will be a surprise to them! These beautiful fireworks will surprise your guests.

Don’t Tell the Bridedon't tell

If you opt for going with Don’t Tell the Bride, everything in your wedding will be a surprise to everyone –  even the bride! That the wedding even happened could be a surprise!

To appear on Don’t Tell the Bride, you must be over 18 years of age. The principal of the show is that the groom organising everything so I imagine that to appear on the show you can’t have already booked any parts of your wedding.

This year, the closing date for applying to Don’t Tell the Bride is 30th June 2011.

cakes 070Personalised Wedding Favours

A lovely surprise for your wedding guests would be a personalised wedding favours. Depending on your budget and your taste, personalised wedding favours would be a lovely touch to your wedding. Stones with your guests names on for place settings, home made cookies with your guests names in icing writing or small tokens with engraved names.

Our Surprise

I have managed to write this whole blog post without revealing my wedding surprise, or even vaguely mentioning it! We wanted to surprise our guests to so that they’d enjoy our wedding as much as we will. Plus, it will give us something special to remember when we think back to our wedding, although the whole day will be memorable!

What was your wedding surprise for your guests? Or do you think that they could be considered a waste of money? Share your opinion in a comment.

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