Monday, 18 April 2011

Mix ‘n’ Match

I Went to… Mix and Match

We went to Mix and Match this morning to look at wedding dresses and some mother-of-the-bride dresses. photo(1) My friend bought our bridesmaid dresses from Mix ‘n’ Match so I knew the shop and how to get there.

We were a little early so mum began trying on some of their Linea Raffaelli which are some beautiful occasion wear and wedding suits for mothers-of-the-bride.

Mum looked absolutely fantastic in this Linea Raffaelli. Mum was after a purple suit because she would like to have an outfit that matches the wedding colours, however this gorgeous silver suit really complimented her figure and looked fantastic!

I thought we’d found a fantastic dress for mum!

I tried on three different dresses that were absolutely beautiful. I had the upstairs changing room all to myself and I was able to look through their exciting selection of dresses.

Well worth a look!

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