Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spreadsheet Update

New and Improved Spreadsheet

It was getting difficult to fit all my information into my spreadsheet so I tweaked it a little and have come up with this!

Free Online Spreadsheet to Download.

Changes include:

spreadsheet-1I’ve added itemised totals to the total section of every page. If you’re like me, and several people are helping to pay for your wedding, such as your inlaws or your parents, you may want to keep track of what everyone is paying. For me, it’s so that I can really appreciate what people are contributing to help give me the most beautiful day possible.

spreadsheet-2I’ve added a splash of colour with this To Do list. Using colour instantly lets you know what has been done and the columns for adding amounts you’ve paid out also lets you know what has been completed. 

spreadsheet-3 I have added this sheet where you can instantly see who is able to attend your wedding and who isn’t. This makes it much easier when sorting out your table plan.

spreadsheet-5I’ve split the costs down into a lot more detail.  As I’m going through the planning and paying process before my wedding day, I’ve found there are hidden costs that I didn’t include in my original such as the hoop that goes under the dress and a breakdown of the wedding favours.

spreadsheet-6I’ve also put in keeping a record of the gifts bought for members of the bridal party, parents and anyone else you’d like to honour with thanks on your Big Day. (I think I should probably honour everyone I’ve spoken to in the 2 years before the wedding just to thank them for putting up with me!)


It is a bit unromantic to be counting every penny you’ve spent for your wedding, however in this economic climate, just keeping track of your finances is a very sensible idea.

If you use this spreadsheet or make one of your own, try to keep track of your spending.

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